• Luminon

    That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Flower Knight (転生したらフラワーナイトだった件) is event number 107X. This event is based on a collaboration with Flower Knight Girl and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

    • Featured period: 3/4/2019 to 3/18/2019

    Click on 'Expand' to see the full list of notes.

    Guest party name: The Party That Will Definitely Find Rimuru / リムルを必ず見つけ隊

    As the featured event, earn Slime Reincarnation Medals / 転スラメダル and receive various rewards based on the total number of accumulated medals over the duration of the event.

    Panel Items
    Moustache Balloon

    Click on 'Expand' to see the full list of rewards.

    The following quests are available during the featured event period. The conditions are only clearable by participating in this event's dungeon.

    When yo…

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  • Hakazumi

    Missing Blooms by Event

    December 6, 2018 by Hakazumi

    Lists done out of boredom.

    Event 11

    Event 23

    Event 24

    Event 25

    Event 26

    Event 27

    Event 28

    Event 29

    Event 32

    Event 33

    Event 34

    Event 36

    Event 37

    Event 38

    Event 42

    Event 51

    Event 55

    Event 62

    Event 65

    Event 71

    Event 73

    Event 79

    Event 80

    Event 81

    Event 83

    Event 86

    All girls from event 87 and onward don't have blooms.

    Event 3

    Event 7

    Event 8

    Event 11

    Event 15

    Event 16

    Event 18

    Event 19

    Event 24

    Event 31

    Event 33

    Event 34

    Event 35

    Event 37

    Event 38

    Event 39

    Event 40

    Event 41

    Event 42

    Event 43

    Event 44

    Event 45

    Event 46

    Event 47

    Event 48

    Event 49

    Event 50

    Event 51

    Event 52

    Event 53

    Event 54

    Event 55

    Event 56

    Event 57

    Event 58

    Event 59

    Event 60

    Event 61

    Event 62

    Event 63

    Event 64

    Event 65

    Event 66

    Event 67

    Event 68

    Event 69

    Event 70

    Event 71

    Event 72

    Event 73

    Event 74

    Event 75

    Event 76

    Event 77

    Event 78

    Event 79

    Event 80


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  • Oukamihalf

    How is it possible to use module code for knight's max status including affection level dependency?

    Can someone teach me or show me the codes on how it works?

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  • Yil

    Pick Tickets

    May 31, 2018 by Yil

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  • CodeHK

    Character CSV Comparison

    April 3, 2018 by CodeHK

    In order to introspect how rarity growth is implemented, I'm making side-by-side tables of how the Python scripts are interpreting each of the evolution forms of a low rarity (2-4*) character and a 5* character.

    4* Turnip Rape Evolution Tiers
    CSV Interpretation Pre-Evolution Post-Evolution Rarity Growth
    (Post-Evolution) Rarity Growth
    • 00: id0
    • 01: id1
    • 02: family
    • 03: nation
    • 04: charID1
    • 05: baseName0
    • 06: baseName1
    • 07: rarity
    • 08: type
    • 09: gift
    • 10: ability1ID
    • 11: ability2ID
    • 12: skill1ID
    • 13: skill2ID
    • 14: unknown00
    • 15: lvlOneHP
    • 16: lvlMaxHP
    • 17: lvlOneAtk
    • 18: lvlMaxAtk
    • 19: lvlOneDef
    • 20: lvlMaxDef
    • 21: lvlOneSpd
    • 22: lvlOneSpd
    • 23: ampuleBonusHP
    • 24: ampuleBonusAtk
    • 25: ampuleBonusDef
    • 26: ampule2BonusHP
    • 27: ampule2BonusAtk
    • 28: ampule2BonusDef
    • 29: goldSellValue
    • 30: sortCate…

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  • Yil

    Code snippets

    February 14, 2018 by Yil

    This is just storing code that doesn't have a permanent home yet.

    Print an array to check its structure:

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  • Wbread

    Knights progress listing

    February 6, 2018 by Wbread
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  • Ar-cen-ciel

    • She is the winner of the USO Popularity Event, with a total of 8,859,707 votes.

    Character profile from

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  • Ar-cen-ciel

    This page keeps track of all the Lua modules in the Flower Knight Wikia that I know of.

    • Module:FlowerFamily : Used to translate flower family names.

    • LuaExample : A starter template.
    • User_blog:CodeHK/Current_Module_Layout : Documents the Lua modules made by Hydrokirby.
    • Template:WaifuList : Created by Yil.
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  • Yil

    Modules and templates

    September 4, 2017 by Yil

    This post is just documenting all of the modules and templates I use and maintain. Mainly so I don't lose track of them.

    Module:AlternateForms This module produces the alternate forms section underneath a character's stat table.

    Must be called from a template which passes an argument "JP" that contains a knight's japanese name. Returns a string containing a section header, WaifuList icons and categories. Where appropriate, applies the categories: Base character, Alternate form, Has alternate form, Has alternate skin.


    Template:ListCharacters and Module:ListCharacters This template creates lists of characters that can be filtered and sorted by various attributes.

    The module takes a list of all knights, filters and so…

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  • CodeHK

    Sometimes I run into the same problem over and over... I need to take a step back and remember what I've learned in the past.

    You are using a floated image with thumb, left, or right defined as an argument. This causes the image to "float" which means all other content will wrap around it. In order to force a break after the floating image, you need to call the Clear template like so.

    All arguments sent to templates and modules are strings irregardless of whether they can be numbers or not. Use Lua's tonumber(arg) function to type-cast the args.

    After editing a template or module, changes will not propagate to the pages that access them for awhile because it has to re-process the pages. If you want to force the page to update, either 'purge' the pa…

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  • God and Devil

    Greetings all Grandmaster! Welcome to my Flower Knight Girl Guide. This guide was made in order to help all Grandmasters. 

    This guide will cover everything from the basic, girls, quest, subjugations, events etc..

    In order to play Flower Knight Girl at DMM, you have to bypass the country restrictions which will block you from playing the game. You may want to play the game at Nutaku or other website in other language version. 

    For english version, you can register an account at for Rated R version or for R-18 version.

    For japanese version, you just simply need an account at DMM. Like english versioin, there are two version for the game.

    I will not write the chinese version website even though I have played it before since I…

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  • CodeHK

    Plans to Adopt Lua

    April 19, 2017 by CodeHK

    For a very long time now, Ar-cen-ciel and I have wanted to get the Wikia's data into a collective format to streamline work for editors and more easily present data.

    Currently, every page on the Wikia (now over 400 pages) is edited separated. Even if there's similar information between these pages, they are copy-pasted by and across these pages and result in mistakes.

    The plan is to put character data into Lua modules so that we can share the data across pages. Any update to a module would change all the pages relevant to that character.

    Editors will edit the Lua module for individual characters if they want to change any information about them that is included in the overview. Editors will still edit the character page for adding quotes and …

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  • CodeHK

    Currently, this is a WIP. To keep track of my notes and progress as I go along, I am making this blog post.

    1. Download pywikibot. Windows users would download the zip file and extract that.
    2. Open a terminal in the extracted folder. Windows users would use cmd.exe and change directory to that folder. Windows 7 and above lets you open a command window from Windows Explorer though.
    3. Run this code: python login
    4. Run: python fkg
    5. Run: python
      • When it asks for the "family", input the number for "fkg".

    You will need to be in the folder that pywikibot was extracted (or you need to put's containing folder in the PATH environment variable). You will run the scripts like p…

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  • Ar-cen-ciel

    This blog was writtin in response to CodeHK's request for a concrete list of changes:

    Old Variable (Wikitext) New Variable (Lua)
    IconName Removed (Used as local object name)
    BloomlvlMax Removed (tied to rarity referenced from Module:MiscData)
    Reason: Change the misleading lv60 to lvMax
    BloomHPCharImg BasicImgSize
    BloomImgSize (default is 315x315, omitted unless custom image is needed)
    Original image linker is hardcoded to template
    Reason: Enforce character sprite nomenclature uniformity
    BasicHPlv60 (and all variants) BasicHPlvMax (applies to all variants)
    Reason: Change the misleading lv60 to lvMax
    HP, ATK, DEF (all variants) Consolidated into an array
    MVSpeed Speed
    Reason: Changed to Speed as per Cod…

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  • CodeHK

    Lua Notes

    March 15, 2017 by CodeHK

    A big problem we've had is the excessive amount of information a single character has combined with the number of times that character's info is posted elsewhere on the Wiki. For example, an individual character's page, the List of Flower Knight Girls, and the List of Flower Knights by ID. As a result, there's some copy-paste work going on, and that means human error is quite visible. I thought it would be impossible to get a database working in this Wiki because the backend was closed, but it turns out that Lua is available and we can fake a database that way. In order to not forget where I have left off, and in order to show the starting points for other editors, I'll jot down the reference links I've gone through here.

    • https://en.wikiver…
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  • Fastkak

    Still Novice

    January 16, 2017 by Fastkak
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  • CodeHK

    Editing Strategies and Tools

    January 13, 2017 by CodeHK

    Contributing to the Wiki requires at least two things: Information to add or edit, and the skill to actually work with a Wiki. At bare minimum, people can get away with typing text into a page to get their point across. Putting some effort into your contributions may aid readers in understanding what you are trying to say. I will list my strategies and personal rules for making good contributions.

    Here's some general tips.

    • Quote sources. We take a lot of information from the Japanese Wiki, so it should be noted what is theirs and what is original content.
    • Keep sentences short. It's a lot easier to understand short things when there's less stuff to comprehend all at once.
    • Use words for single-digit numbers (one through nine). This helps avoid numeri…

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  • CodeHK

    Todo List

    January 6, 2017 by CodeHK

    This is an ongoing todo list.

    This list is no longer maintained. The current todo list is in the Wikia Discord linked from the top navigation bar.

    • Add Home Screen (My Page) page.
    • Add Pests page with Insect Picture Book as a subsection.
    • Reorganizing upper navigation bar? See #Navigation Bar.
      • Special Missions button links to the wrong thing.
    • Reorganize Front Page?
      • Special Missions button links to the wrong thing.
    • Make table for flower knights with matching skills have centered icons.
    • Improve Wiki's FAQ contents? I want a note about exceeding garage size somewhere in the Wiki.
    • Help with Seasonal/Tanabata 2016 audio quotes uploading.
    • Improve Equipment page.
      • Rename Okitaeeru in Equipment page.
      • Add Whaleship stuff to Equipment page.
      • Organize Equipment page content…

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  • TheDarthInvader

     The Christmas Party  event is coming to an end! Prepare your flower knights for a ton of farming, as there isn't much time to do so!

    Go to the shop and it should be the first screen to the left.

    Don't forget to buy Skimia while you can!

    Look to the bottom right (next to the rewards) and there are the stamina and power requirements. It should look like this: (power requirement in red)


    To find your power, look on the home screen

    It will look like this:

    Ask any questions about the event here and any answers will be posted in bold.  This blog post was based as a notice and a QnA for players having trouble with the event.

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  • Ar-cen-ciel

    Just a to-do-list should we managed to get around to implement Lua modules for our Wikia.

    masterCharacterLeaderSkill Table Data

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  • Luthika

    SD Data Extraction

    September 5, 2016 by Luthika

    The following tutorial is aimed for those who already know how to get and extract assets from bin files. You can refer to DefinitelyDrunk's post for more info about where to get bins and extraction methods.

    • Python (for python scripts)
    • Flash Decompiler (I use FF Dec, not sure if there are other options)
    • Any program for screen recording or bust screen capture
    • Any program that allows you to make gifs (In my case, that should be Photoshop)
    • Adobe Flash Pro (optional)

    The bin files that we're looking for are the ones that hold SD Data, this ones have a size of around 1mb (sometimes 2mb like Higanbana's). Now, there's a few ways to get them:

    • Go to the Office > Album and pick any girl. Her SD will load and you'll have the bin in the network tab
    • Go to gatc…

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  • Luthika

    To do list

    June 30, 2016 by Luthika

    Here's a list of the units that I'm planning to cover (mostly pics and audio). I'll update it from time to time. Data extraction couldn't be possible without CodeHK and DefinitelyDrunk scripts and also thanks to Ar for the christmas and tanabata lines and the look up ID table.

    Note: For now, 100% will mean either both pics are updated or the first two audio files are up. In Cuphea's case, all her voice lines have been added to her page (some seasonal clips are missing since I haven't grab them yet)

    Note 2: About Anthurium's CV. Since there's no oficial info about her on FKG it's impossible to confirm it but you can check this audio file that I got while I was grabbing assets from a certain VN. 

    Note 3: About Oncidium's CV. She also dub Chie M…

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  • Ar-cen-ciel

    Game Asset Hashes

    June 20, 2016 by Ar-cen-ciel

    Note: this is just a pseudocode to demonstrate how the game assets were coded.

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  • Ar-cen-ciel

    Currently under construction...

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  • Ar-cen-ciel

    Currently under construction.

    Picture Name Evolution Effect
    English Cherry Pre-evolution Rate 15%
    Japanese サクランボ Target All enemies
    English Snow Drop Pre-evolution Rate 15%
    Japanese スノードロップ Target All enemies
    English Red Spider Lily (World's Flower Shrine Maiden) Pre-evolution Rate 15%
    Japanese ヒガンバナ(世界花の巫女) Target All enemies
    English Oncidium (Bride of Fos) Post-evolution Rate 15%
    Japanese オンシジューム(フォスの花嫁) Target All enemies
    English Night Blooming Cereus Pre-evolution Rate 15%
    Japanese サンカクサボテン Target 2 enemies
    English Green Bell Pre-evolution Rate 15%
    Japanese ダリア Target 2 enemies
    English Dahlia Post-evolution Rate 15%
    Japanese ダリア Target 2 enemies
    English Acacia Post-evolution Rate 10%
    Japanese アカシア Target All enemies
    English Tall Stewartia Post-evolutio…

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  • Definitelydrunk

    So, if you've ever tried looking into pulling assets for a lot of online clicker games such as FKG, you've proably noticed that in most cases, so long as you open up dev tools and watch urls in the network waterfall you are served straight up assets for any image you would want to copy out and share somewhere.  In other cases, you can check your browser cache or the page resources and find anything you want.  Unfortunately, while FKG does do these same things, there's a trick applied.  Namely, that the resources have all bin compressed using zlib and their filenames obfuscated.  This makes remembering the url of the file server and statically replacing some strings trickier for anyone looking to grab all the assets en masse.  This short po…

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