The Character Management/Character (キャラ) page is where you can manage your characters and equipment. It is accessed by clicking on the キャラ button which is two buttons below the HOME button.



The Character Management page is divided into multiple tabs as follows.

  1. Composition (編成)
  2. Character Confirmation(キャラ確認)
  3. Strengthening Synthesis (強化合成)
  4. Evolution/Blooming Synthesis (進化開花合成)
  5. Character Selling (キャラ売却)
  6. Equipment Synthesis (装備合成)
  7. Equipment Selling (装備売却)


Example set composition

Set Composition page

Composition (編成)  is the first tab of the Character Management page. It initially shows you to the Set Composition page which lets you manage your sets.

Set Composition


The Set Composition page (unofficial name) lets you manage all of your sets. The image's key is as follows.

  1. Set number. Click a number to change your set. A plus sign button (+) is available at the end of your sets. A chevron (▼) is available if you own more than 6 sets.
  2. Set name. Click it to type a new name. Up to 16 ASCII or 8 non-ASCII characters are allowed.
  3. Set Name Change button (セット名変更). Click it to finalize changing the set name.
  4. Automatic Composition button (自動編成). This drop-down menu lets you automatically generate your sets.
  5. Breakup button (解散). Removes all but one of the characters in a set.
  6. Party number.
  7. Overall Force (総合力). An estimation of a party's strength.
  8. Speed (移動力). How fast they move in stages.
  9. Order Swapping buttons. Move parties up and down by clicking on the arrows.
  10. Particulars button (詳細). View collective information about each character in the set.

On the Composition page, click on any flower knight or empty box to select a flower knight to put into the party. You can't have the same character appear more than once in a single set. Long clicking on a character reveals their details. Dragging and dropping character icons lets you swap knights around quickly between all parties. Clicking on a character sends you to the Party Composition page.

Party 1 of Set 1 is your Helper Team. A yellow icon labeled (Friend) Helper / (友)助っ人 will denote this.

Leader icon moved

Leader Icon Moved

The Leader (リーダー) icon above a character's icon designates that character to appear as the person running around the stage. By default, the first character in the party is the leader. Dragging and dropping the Leader icon onto a different character changes who appears on the stage. Note: This assignment is not reflected when someone else uses your team as a Helper team.

While on the Set Composition page, the Equip Nurture Ability (育成アビリティ装着) button will be at the bottom-left hand corner of the screen.

Party Composition

Party composition page

Party Composition page

The Party Composition page (unofficial name). It lets you manage parties and characters within a set. The controls and layout are nearly identical to the Character Confirmation page, except that the Equip Nurture Ability button is gone and a Party Preview (unofficial name) is at the top of the page. The character that you clicked on in the Set Confirmation page will be pre-selected.

The Party Preview (unofficial name) pane is at the top of the page. Selected characters will be labeled as Selected (選択中), and all previously selected characters will be labeled as Being Changed (変更中). If you press the big, red Assignment (決定) button at the bottom of the character's summary, you will finalize the characters changes. You can cancel with the Return (戻る) arrowed-button at the bottom-left. Clicking a character changes your selection to that character. Clicking the left or right arrows on the party names will move between parties and also change your selection to the same character slot of the next party. Dragging and dropping character icons within the Party Preview section lets you swap knights around quickly within the selected party.

You can do the following things on the bottom, larger part of the page. Clicking on a character selects a character. Clicking on a character that is already selected will finalize the Set (essentially meaning that double-clicking finalizes a Set). Long clicking on a character reveals their details. Dragging and dropping character icons from the bottom pane to the Party Preview section lets you puts the flower knight into the party.

The selected character will have their summary shown on the right-hand side. You can make them be the Leader (リーダー) of the party by clicking the cyan Designate as Leader (リーダーに任命) button above the character's sprite. You can change their Equipment by clicking on equipment or equipment slots. Equipment changes will be finalized if you click the big, red Assignment (決定) button at the bottom the character's summary, or you can cancel by hitting the Return (戻る) arrowed-button at the bottom-left.


Auto composition options

Auto Composition Options

The auto-composition dropdown list has the following options on the left side.

  • Overall Force (Decreasing) (総合力(降順)). Use the flower knights with the highest stats.
  • Overall Force (Evenness) (総合力(均等)). Use the flower knights with the highest stats, but add them top-to-bottom, then left-to-right to make all parties have similar strengths.
  • Ordered by Attack Power (攻撃力順). Use flower knights with the highest attack power.
  • Ordered by Defense Power (防御力順). Use flower knights with the highest defense power.
  • Ordered by HP (HP順). Use flower knights with the highest HP.
  • Ordered by Speed (移動力順). Use flower knights with the highest speed.
  • Blossom Hill (ブロッサムヒル). Use flower knights only from Blossom Hill.
  • Lily Wood (リリーウッド). Use flower knights only from Lily Wood.
  • Banana Ocean (バナナオーシャン). Use flower knights only from Banana Ocean.
  • Bergamot Valley (ベルガモットバレー). Use flower knights only from Bergamot Valley.
  • Winter Rose (ウィンターローズ). Use flower knights only from Winter Rose.
  • Slash Type (斬属性). Use only slash type flower knights.
  • Blunt Type (打属性). Use only blunt type flower knights.
  • Thrust Type (突属性). Use only thrust type flower knights.
  • Magic Type (魔属性). Use only magic type flower knights.

With the exception of "Overall Force (Evenness)", all of these auto-composition options put flower knights into your set from left-to-right, then top-to-bottom. In other words, it fills up a party before filling up the next party. As a result, an imbalance of individual party strengths tends to be very apparent. Flower knights are chosen in terms of strongest overall force unless you chose an auto-composition based on a particular parameter such as speed.

On the right side of the dropdown list, you are given options to copy from other sets. They all have the text Copy "Set Name" / "Set Name"をコピー.

Character Confirmation


Character Verification

Character Validation (キャラ確認) is the second tab of the Character Management page. It lets you see your characters and change their equipment.

  1. Sort (ソート)
  2. Filter (フィルター)
  3. Equipment (装備). Goes to the Equipment Confirmation page.
  4. Possession Count (所持数). How many characters you own and how many you have space for. The brown Possession Count Expansion button (所持数拡張) lets you spend one flower stone to get five more spaces.
  5. Character Materials Storage (キャラ素材倉庫)
  6. Move all non-flower knight characters to Character Materials Storage
  7. Characters

Click on a character to select them. Long-click on a character to see their particulars.

Character Icon

7 025

A character's icon has some information overlaid on it. At the upper-left, a colored orb displays the character's type. At the bottom-left, a lock is displayed for characters that are locked; locked characters cannot be sold. At the bottom-center, the character's level is shown. At the bottom-right, a colored orb called the Evolution Condition Distinction Mark (進化状態判別マーク)  shows how far in the evolution process the character has gotten.

  • A dark blue orb means the character is in base form.
  • A teal orb with a pentagram means the character is evolved.
  • A pink orb with a flower means the character is bloomed.

This icon will not change even if the character's displayed portrait was changed with the skin feature. For example, the character at the upper-right of the Character Validation screenshot shows a blossomed Water Lily skinned to show her pre-evolution form, but the Evolution Condition Distinction Mark shows that she was blossomed.

Character Info

Charmanage character

Character Info Pane

Charmanage - material

Move to Storage Button

When you select a character in the Character Validation tab, their info will appear on the right-hand side.

  1. Vice-Leader / 副団長 buttons.
    • Left: Toggle vice-leader status / 副団長に任命 or 副団長を解除.
    • Right: Appoint to be the number 1 vice-leader / 第1副団長に任命.
  2. Character info
    • Name
    • Rarity
    • Level
    • Remaining (あと). Experience until level up.
    • Affection Level (好感度). Shows Blossomed Affection Level (好感度・咲) instead if you used a Heart of the Blossoming Flower. See Gifts.
  3. Combat info
    • Skill name and level
    • HP
    • Attack Power / 攻撃力
    • Defense Power / 防御力
    • Speed / 移動力
  4. Equipment
  5. Change character Skin / キャラスキン変更.
  6. Lock / ロック. Locked characters can't be sold or used as synthesis materials.
  7. Particulars / 詳細. See detailed character info.

If the selected character is a character material, a button labeled Move to Storage / 倉庫へ移動 will be available. (This is unnecessary and impossible ever since the storage automatically held all materials and stacked them).

Character Materials Storage

Character storage

Character Materials Storage

The character materials storage / キャラ素材倉庫, aka the warehouse, automatically stores all materials. The storage is unlocked for players after they reach level 20 and can be accessed from the blue button on the Character Management screen's second tab. Flower knights undergoing evolution or blooming will automatically use materials from storage. Flower knights undergoing strengthening synthesis can manually select materials from the storage.

Each material can stack up to a limit of 999 items. Collecting more then this limit will prevent you from starting any subjugations until you drop below 999 by selling, fusing or refining that material.

Strengthening Synthesis

Strengthening Synthesis (強化合成) is the third tab of the Character Management page. It lets you power up your flower knights. See the main article for Strengthening Synthesis.

Evolution Synthesis

7 009

Evolution/Blooming Synthesis (進化開花合成) is the fourth tab of the Character Management page. It lets you power up flower knights to a new form. See the main article for Evolution.

Character Selling


Character Selling Tab

Character Selling (キャラ売却) is the fifth tab of the Character Management page. It lets you sell up to 20 characters at once. Locked characters can't be sold. The appearance resembles the Character Selection page with some minor differences noted here.

  1. Release All Selections button (選択全解除)
  2. Batch Sell Off button (一括売却)
  3. Possessed Gold (所持ゴールド) and Sell Off Gold (売却ゴールド). The latter says how much gold you'll earn by selling the selected characters.
  4. Selection Count (選択数)
  5. Sell Off button (売却)

The Batch Sell Off button (一括売却) is the fastest way to get rid of clutter. It will sell as many characters as possible that match the following conditions.

  • The character must be level 1.
  • The character can't be evolved or blossomed.
  • The character can't be locked.
  • The character's rarity must be 2* or less.
    • Using a checkbox in the Character Selling Confirmation screen, this can be changed to 3* or less.

Character Selling Confirmation

Sell characters confirmation

Character Sell Off Confirmation Screen

You are shown the Selling Confirmation screen (売却確認) after you press the Batch Sell Off button (一括売却) or Sell Off button (売却). Your selected characters to be sold are shown to you, and your potential gains are displayed. You can gain Bonds Crystals (絆の結晶) this way.

The text and numbers in the center of the white box have the following meanings.

Gold earned by selling Bonds Crystals earned by selling
Possessed gold after selling Possessed Bonds Crystals after selling

If checked, the checkbox at the bottom will include 3* characters in the selections made by using the Batch Sell Off button. The state of this checkbox is remembered.

Equipment Synthesis

Equip synth 1

Equipment Synthesis Page

Equipment Synthesis (装備合成) is the sixth tab of the Character Management page. It lets you power up equipment using other equipment or materials. See the main article for Equipment or the subsection for Equipment Synthesis.

Equipment Screen Filter


Equipment Synthesis Filter

These are the filter options for the equipment synthesis screen.

NonePersonal Equipment
RingsOnly pre-evolved personal equipment
Not equipped
Not synthesized
Not locked

Equipment Selling

Sell equipment

Equipment Selling

Equipment Selling (装備売却) is the seventh and final tab of the Character Management page. It lets you sell equipment. The appearance and functionality of this page is nearly identical to the Character Selling page with the exception that the it follows the Equipment Sort and Filter Options.

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