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Find it! An Unknown, Great Discovery!? / 探せ!未知なる大発見!? is event number 164. As the featured event, it was an Event Gacha event.

  • Featured period: 4/30/2021 to 5/17/2021

The Hidden Treasure series of limited edition Equipment such as Hidden Treasure Ring (隠された宝の指輪) were introduced.

Equip 391584.pngEquip 391585.pngEquip 391586.pngEquip 391587.png

Event Party

Guest party name: GUEST_PARTY_NAME


Search Compasses

Unexplored Region's Treasures

As the featured event, earn Unexplored Region's Treasures / 秘境のお宝 from panels in the event stages and trade them for goods in the Shop. Earn Search Compasses / サーチコンパス from chests in the event stages and use them to summon zero stamina bonus stages that allow you to earn a lot of Treasures.

Panel Items
Effect event163 1.png Effect event163 2.png Effect event163 3.png

Event Screen

Event Screen

The event screen can be accessed from the banner on the Home Screen or the banner in the Special tab for Subjugations.

Event Gacha Specifics

Click on the event banner in order to access the event gacha screen. It costs panel currency to roll the event gacha. There are 14 total event gachas. There are 8 available during the first half of the event and the rest will be available during the second half. The first gacha is unlocked by default and subsequent gachas are unlocked when you earn the centerpiece of the preceding gacha. Even if you progress to the next gacha, it is possible to go back to previous gachas.

Gacha Overview
No. Cost Per 1 Roll Centerpiece
1 10 Event Char's Skill Flower
2 15 Event Char's Equipment Flower
3 25 Event Char's Skill Flower
4 40 Danchou Medal
5 55 Event Char's Equipment Flower
6 65 Event Char's Skill Flower
7 75 Event Char's Equipment Flower
8 85 Event Char's Skill Flower
Event 2nd Half
9 90 Event Ring
10 90 Event Necklace
11 90 Event Earrings
12 90 Event Bracelet
13 90 25k gold
14 90 25k gold

Furthermore, you will earn a prize at each gacha for meeting a certain number of pulls.

Pull Count Attainment Prizes
No. Pulls Prize
1 25 100 year old red Manyu
2 25 100 year old blue Manyu
3 25 100 year old yellow Manyu
50 3k gold
4 25 100 year old purple Manyu
50 3k gold
5 25 Special Services Award (Copper)
50 100 year old red Manyu
100 Good Quality Sapphire: Blossom
6 25 Special Services Award (Copper)
50 100 year old blue Manyu
100 High Price Stuffed Toy: Blossom
7 25 Special Services Award (Silver)
50 100 year old yellow Manyu
100 Cute Cake: Blossom
8 25 Danchou Medal
50 100 year old purple Manyu
100 High Class Book: Blossom
Event 2nd Half
9 25 Special Services Award (Copper)
50 Rare Pink Diamond: Blossom
100 Life Crystals x25
10 25 Special Services Award (Copper)
50 Top Class Stuffed Toy: Blossom
100 Life Crystals x25
11 25 Special Services Award (Copper)
50 Deluxe Cake: Blossom
100 Life Crystals x25
12 25 Special Services Award (Copper)
50 Top Class Book: Blossom
100 Life Crystals x25
13 25 Premium Gacha Ticket
50 10k gold
100 10k gold
14 25 Bloom Secret Medicine (Rainbow)
50 10k gold
100 10k gold
No. Pulls Prize


The following quests are available during the featured event period. The conditions are only clearable by participating in this event's dungeon.

English Japanese Condition Reward
Urgent Mission Request #1 緊急任務要請 その1 Clear any one of the current event's stages. Earrings Forge Spirit (Copper)
Urgent Mission Request #2 緊急任務要請 その2 Clear any two of the current event's stages. Ring Forge Spirit (Copper)
Urgent Mission Request #3 緊急任務要請 その3 Clear any three of the current event's stages. Necklace Forge Spirit (Copper)
Urgent Mission Request #4 緊急任務要請 その4 Clear any four of the current event's stages. Bracelet Forge Spirit (Copper)
Urgent Mission Request #5 緊急任務要請 その5 Clear any six of the current event's stages. LC x1
English Japanese Condition Reward
Seize a JuraBee Lightly 軽くジュラビーを捕獲 Defeat one boss from an elementary level stage (E1 or E5). Treasures x10
Seize a JuraBee Appropriately 適当にジュラビーを捕獲 Defeat two bosses from a mid level stage (E2 or E6). Treasures x40
Seize a JuraBee at Full Force 全力でジュラビーを捕獲 Defeat three bosses from a high level stage (E3 or E7). Treasures x90
Seize a JuraBee at Super Full Force 超全力でジュラビーを捕獲 Defeat five bosses from a top level stage (E4 or E8). Treasures x120

Panel Missions

Panel Missions

These special quests are available for during the featured event period. EC is short for Event Character.

Obtain the EC Get the EC to 100% Affection Get an equip flower for the EC
Get a skill flower for the EC Summon a BS Reach box 2
Reach box 3 Reach box 4 Reach box 6


Elementary 1

Stage Screenshot
Version Medal Reward Stamina Exp (Efficiency) Chests Panel Currency
Featured 0% aff event 5*, 99% aff event 5* 10 110 (11.000) 2 Random, Chest Currency x1 75
Reprint Seal Stones x10 10 0 (0.000) (Seal Stones x9) x2
Re-reprint Re-Seal Stones x10 10 0 (0.000) (Re-Seal Stones x18) x2

Intermediate 1

Stage Screenshot
Version Medal Reward Stamina Exp (Efficiency) Chests Panel Currency
Featured FS x7oo, Key x10 20 170 (8.500) 3 Random, Chest Currency x3 165
Reprint Seal Stones x20 20 0 (0.000) (Seal Stones x13) x2, Seal Stones x12
Re-reprint Re-Seal Stones x20 20 0 (0.000) (Re-Seal Stones x13) x3

High Class 1

Stage Screenshot
Version Medal Reward Stamina Exp (Efficiency) Chests Panel Currency
Featured FS x7oo, Key x10 40 260 (6.500) 3 Random, LC x2, Chest Currency x5 345
Reprint Seal Stones x30 40 0 (0.000) (Seal Stones x19) x2, (Seal Stones x20) x2
Re-reprint Re-Seal Stones x30 40 0 (0.000) (Re-Seal Stones x20) x4

Top Class 1

Stage Screenshot
Version Medal Reward Stamina Exp (Efficiency) Chests Panel Currency
Featured PGT x1, Danchou Medal x1 60 360 (6.000) 4 Random, LC x6, Chest Currency x9 540
Reprint Seal Stones x50, FS x1oo 60 0 (0.000) (Seal Stones x33) x5
Re-reprint Re-Seal Stones x50, FS x1oo 60 0 (0.000) (Re-Seal Stones x11) x5

Elementary Bonus Stage

Stage Screenshot
Version Medal Reward Stamina Exp (Efficiency) Chests Panel Currency
Featured None 20 50 (2.500) 5 y/o Manyu x1, 20 y/o Manyu x2, LC x2, Chest Currency x1 250
Reprint 20 0 (0.000)
Re-reprint 20 0 (0.000)

Intermediate Bonus Stage

Stage Screenshot
Version Medal Reward Stamina Exp (Efficiency) Chests Panel Currency
Featured None 40 100 (2.500) 20 y/o Manyu x3, 100 y/o Manyu x1, LC x5, Chest Currency x2 500
Reprint 40 0 (0.000)
Re-reprint 40 0 (0.000)

High Class Bonus Stage

Stage Screenshot
Version Medal Reward Stamina Exp (Efficiency) Chests Panel Currency
Featured None 60 160 (2.667) 20 y/o Manyu x2, 100 y/o Manyu x3, LC x10, Chest Currency x4 1000
Reprint 60 0 (0.000)
Re-reprint 60 0 (0.000)

Challenge Dungeon: 1st Half

Challenge Stage


Stage Screenshot
Version Medal Reward Stamina Exp (Efficiency) Chests Panel Currency
Featured FS x2oo, Petite Centy x8 0 0 None
Reprint 0 0
Re-reprint 0 0

Challenge Dungeon: Daily

Ultimate Class: Challenge Stage

極限級 チャレンジステージ

Stage Screenshot
Version Medal Reward Stamina Exp (Efficiency) Chests Panel Currency
Featured Skip Tickets x15 0 0 2035
Reprint 0 0
Re-reprint 0 0

Summonable Bonus Stage

Stage Screenshot
Version Medal Reward chest Exp (Efficiency) Chests Panel Currency
Featured None 10 0 * ??? / 10 (0.000 per) None 350 * ??? / 10
Reprint 10 0 * ??? / 10 (0.000 per)
Re-reprint 10 0 * ??? / 10 (0.000 per)

Event Script

Depart for a Great Adventure!

After getting hold of a mysterious piece of map by chance, Danchou, Convolvulus, and team Koisoriha's Solidago have come to investigate Banana Ocean's ruins. However, their path to the ruins is blocked by traps.

Depart for a Great Adventure!

-Banana Ocean, the World Flower of Everlasting Summer. All year round, it is busy and noisy with many tourists, but it's long history as a country means it has many archaeological sites and inscriptions yet to be discovered.

There are also many adventurers and scholars who come to try to solve the mysteries, and even today, there are some who want to set foot in a certain ruin...

Convolvulus: ...Yeah, this looks like the place. It looks a lot like the terrain marked on the map. Just as Danchou-san predicted.

Solidago: Yeah, that's our Danchou! You're so familiar with the geography of Banana Ocean! It was a great idea to ask you to come along! Let's get these ruins investigated!

Convolvulus: But...Solidago. This map... or more like map scrap... Does it really show some undiscovered ruins? You bought it the other day at a Lotus Lake market, right?

Solidago: That's right! I got it from an old man merchant that travels all over Spring Garden, he said “this is the real deal!”

The lettering on the map looks like the same lettering found on the Gaven Twin's inscriptions, so we'll definitely find some amazing ruins!

Convolvulus: Hmmm... I really don't trust it at all... As soon as Solidago gets interested in something, she'll never give up though...

Well, no matter what happens, I'll definitely watch over Solidago. Danchou-san, please also keep an eye on Solidago.

Solidago: O-K, Team Koisoriha aaand Danchou! Complete investigation!

Convolvulus: Team Koisoriha... Today, it's only me with Solidago...

Anyway, what does the letters on this map actually say?

Solidago: Umm...No idea!

Convolvulus: Eh?

Solidago: The text gets cut off in the middle, and even though I know it looks like the inscriptions, I don't actually know how to read it!

But, if we go to this mark on the map, I think we'll definitely find some hints! Maybe we'll even find another scrap or something! So, let's go there first!

Convolvulus: ...Umm, as long as Solidago's OK with it, then it should be fine. Let's go take a look.

Solidago: Yippee! O-K let's gooo! Adventure time! Yaaaahoooo!!

Convolvulus: ...What? Danchou-san... I'm spoiling Solidago? That's not true. I don't think that what Solidago's saying is wrong.

Besides, I said I'd protect her, no matter what happens. So it's fine. Hey, let's go.

Solidago: Even so, there's tooons of ruins in Banana Ocean! I heard that various dynasties were made before this country was unified as it is today!

Convolvulus: But, this area has a lot of things that were made by the Sage Kirk, right?

Both of the choices “He built them as a show of power” and “He built them to unite the country” will have the same result;

Solidago: Yeah, yeah! “I have such great power! I'm the king of Banana Ocean! I rule over all of you!” is what he said, right?

Convolvulus: I'm not sure if he said that exactly... The separate countries all allied together to make a single country called “Banana Ocean” to counter the threat of Kirk.

Solidago: Yaa – So cool! He played the villain to bring the countries together and form them as one, right?

Convolvulus: That's probably right. Up until then, it seems like Kirk was on good terms with all of the royal families... There seems to be no reason why he suddenly began fighting them.

Solidago: I guess he didn't like everyone fighting all the time! His ruins are garish, and the decorations are usually weird, but I'm sure he was a kind guy.

Ah, hey, that banana shaped statue is pretty garish!

Convolvulus: Wait, Solidago. There are usually traps near such obvious things, so don't touch it unnecessarily.

Solidago: Ooops, you're right! Convolvulus is always telling me about that!

Convolvulus: If we do this... Carefully explore the area using stones and branches...

Look, there's some kind of mechanism...

...A wall has raised up from the ground...

Solidago: Eh, now we can't move forward!?

Scholars, Assistants, and Research Teams

Burdock and Carrot, who are investigating the ruins, appear and release the trap's mechanism. Solidago offers a joint investigation, as Burdock also seems to be carrying a scrap of the ruins' map.

Scholars, Assistants, and Research Teams

--Banana Ocean, Mysterious Ruins--

Solidago: Eh, what's this!? A stone wall has just come out of the ground!? We can't move forward now!

Convolvulus: It's pretty high, and it looks difficult to climb over. But, if I could break through with my drill...

???: Waa! Please wait a moment, madam!!

Convolvulus: Eh? M-madam...? Who...?

???: My mistake! No, that's wrong! You can't break that wall!

???: Wait, Carro... Don't go wandering off on your own.

Carrot: Aaa, I'm sorry, Doc! I heard the sound of a mechanism activating from over here...!

Burdock: Yeah, I heard it too... Did you guys release the mechanism?

Solidago: Yeeah, I think so! We came to investigate these ruins, but this wall suddenly burst out...

Burdock: Mhm... This is a barrier to prevent intruders.

However, in the case that an ally accidentally releases it, there's a return switch on the outside. If we do this... that stone statue...

Solidago: Ooh! The wall's gone down! That's great, you've helped us!

Burdock: Not really, it's not such a huge deal...

Solidago: No, it's amazing that you're so knowledgable about this ruin's traps! Could it be that you've been researching this too?

Carrot: You know, Burdock's a scholar in the Flower Knights! She's sooo smart, and has investigated loads of ruins!

Burdock: Carrot is assists me. Today, she's helping me with my investigation.

Convolvulus: A scholar and her assistant... How grand.

Carrot: You guys said that you were investigating the ruins, but which investigation team are you from?

Solidago: Yeah, we're Lotus Lake's Koisoriha squad! I'm Solidago, and this is Convolvulus, as well as Danchou-san!

Today, we're following this map, which has brought us to this Banana Ocean ruin!

Carrot: Where, where... Ah, what? This map... Doc!

Burdock: Yeah, with this scrap of map that we have...

Solidago: ...Ooh! It's a perfect match! It's become a single map after pairing it with Burdock-san's!

Burdock: With this, the interrupted sentences... OK, now it can be read...

Convolvulus: Burdock-san... Can you read it? The characters seem to match Gaven's twin inscriptions...

Burdock: Yeah, the characters and the grammar are the same language.

Gaven's twin inscriptions was never recorded by any Banana Ocean royal family, so for a long time, the purpose of it's creation and the contents of the inscription remained unknown.

But at some point, where the Blossom Hill Knight company unit discovered similar markings in Winter Rose, in one of Dyne's ruins.

Furthermore, there was an ancient clan in Banana Ocean, the “Glory Sun”, that used a similar language that was preserved by a Flower Knight that acted as a merchant for them. This led to us being able to quickly decipher the inscription.

What we discovered is what is now called the underground ruins of Kirk...

Solidago: U-umm? I don't really get it all, but for now, can you read this?

Burdock: Ah... Y-yeah. It's probably...this...

...”With map in hand, head to the indicated land. Doing so, will find the path to the desired seed...”

Solidago: The desired seed... That sounds amazing, right? As I thought, this map is the real deal!

Carrot: Yeah yeah! Doc, perhaps this will be a huge discovery!

Burdock: W-we can't decide that as of yet...

Solidago: Hey, hey! If you don't mind, can we go with you to this place? How about a joint investigation of the ruins!?

Burdock: J-joint...?

Solidago: Yeah! We, the Koisoriha squad's main task is the investigation of ruins! Well, if we're curious enough, we'll investigate anything! That's why I think we'll be useful to Burdock-san!

Also, this here Danchou was the one who unraveled the inscription you mentioned earlier! Hey, hey, what do you think?

Burdock: U-uummm...

Ah, eh? He's the one who discovered the ruins...? So, you're the Blossom Hill Knight Commander from before?

Carrot: Eeeeh! Amazing! Hey Doc, let's take them with us! This gentleman is definitely great!

Burdock: Yeah... That's, right. Of course, we'd appreciate it if you came along, I suppose...

Carrot: Yeah, well, it's settled! Three customers, I'll show you the way! Ehehe, welcome!

Solidago: Thank you for having us! Now we have scholars, it's feeling like an actual operations, Convolvulus! I'm so excited♪

Convolvulus: You're right, me too... I'm a little excited.

Ah, but... Don't let down your guard.

Solidago: I know! O-K, one more time, let's go! Yyyyah ooooo!!

Talk passionately about what you love

When the party got to the place marked on the map, they found a hidden map leading to another place. The situation was much like when Danchou discovered the underground ruins of Kirk, so Burdonck and the others were beginning to get excited about what they might discover.

Talk passionately about what you love

--Banana Ocean, mysterious ruins--

Solidago: Huh, actually there was meant to be one more person with you?

Carrot: Yeah, just like you, Solidago-san! Someone who really loves history and knows a lot about it! But, we couldn't get our schedules to match up.

Burdock: It would be nice if we can make a discovery that Solidago-san is able to make a good report on...

Um... The map's location is... here. There must be some kind of “road sign” hidden on these flagstones, but...

Solidago: But?

Burdock: The writing on these flagstones that leads us to the next location is dirty and unreadable. So that means I don't know which flagstones are the correct ones...

Solidago: Yeeeah, looking at them, they're all the same... OK, let's take them one by one!

Convolvulus: So-solidago, there might be traps. Search a little more carefully or...

Carrot: ...Ah, wait! Solidago-chan! Right here!

Solidago: Eh, what what!? Did I step on something!?

Carrot: The flagstone that you stepped on just now, Solidago-chan, could you step on it once more!

Solidago: Ummm, this one?

Carrot: ...Yeah, I though so! Just there, when you step on that, it sounds different! Maybe it's there, but I'm not sure!

Burdock: ...I see, let's investigate what Carrot's saying.

Convolvulus: ...Ah, it's true. There's a hole under this flagstone...

Solidago: Carrot-chan's amazing! I couldn't tell the difference in the sounds at all!

Burdock: Caro's ears and nose are much sharper than most people's. So far in our investigations, she's made countless discoveries because of that, so I've come to trust Caro's gut.

Carrot: Doc...! Ehehe, Doc's praising me! Yay!

Burdock: Wha...! Th-that's quite alright...! Hey, let's look inside.

Solidago: What is it, what is it... Huh, another map?

Burdock: It looks like it points to a new location... At the shown location, if we solve the puzzles as per this written problem, a new hint will be shown, or so it seems.

...Somehow, this is...

Danchou: It's almost like...

Burdock: Just as I thought, Danchou thinks so too...!? I also think this is very similar to the time when you discovered the underground ruins of Kirk! I read the reports over and over, so I remember it well...!

When the Gaven Twin inscriptions were deciphered, what was written there was a puzzle that involved the entire ruins.

Working in tandem with the Flower Knights of Banana Ocean, we solved the puzzles in turn and the path to the undiscovered underground ruins was opened!

The information that time is similar to this time... In other words, the possibility that this map and these ppuzzles were left behind by the witch Kirk is extremely high...

Maybe, we're going to find something completely unknown...!

Convolvulus: ...I was thinking before, but when it comes to the ruins, Burdock-san get really talkative.

Carrot: Doc really loves investigating ruins! She's always so calm and collected, but when it comes to ruins, she gets really fired up!

Burdock: Wai- Caro... You don't need to say that...

Convolvulus: Heeh... That kind of thing sounds kind of like Solidago. Solidago gets super talkative about Tritonia's investigation team.

Carrot: Tritonia's investigation team? I've heard a little about them...

Burdock: Yeah, Lacquer Tree-san helps out with Lotus Lake's underwater survey team. I think it's safe to say she's the leader of the Flower Knights within the underwater investigation unit.

Solidago: Yeah yeah, that's right! Tritonia's investigation team is a small squad of elite individuals that as well as being Flower Knights, are specialists in their own fields!

Captain Tritonia-san is very knowledgable about archaeology and navigation, Rough Potato-san is super pretty, but is also a top class ship's carpenter, Watercress-san's cooking is on par with top class restaurants, and Fennel-san is a Flower Knight with lots of magical talent!

Also, Wolf Berry-san is...

Convolvulus: W-we get it, we get it...! She's bad when she gets talking...

Carrot: Ahaha♪ Solidago-chan really does love Tritonia's investigation team's members!

Solidago: Yeah! I want our own Koisoriha team's goal to be like the Tritonia team's members!

I want it to be said someday “When it comes to investigation teams, there's the Koisoriha team!”

So to make that happen, I'm going to do my best on today's investigation! Also, to help with Burdock-san's great discovery!

Burdock: ...Yeah, well, thanks.

Well then, shall we go and look at the location on this map? If we don't hurry, the sun will set.

Convolvulus: ...She left.

Carrot: Ehehe, she's gone shy♪ Look! Heey, Professor Burdock!

Burdock: Carrot! Please stop calling me that...!

Solidago: Ah, you're right! Aha, it's pretty cute though♪

Burdock: You're really... Hurry up, the sun's starting to set.

Carrot: Yeah yeah! Let's move, Doc♪

Search! The great unknown discovery!

The party steadily solves the puzzles and finally finds a path to the underground ruins. Inside the ruins are murals depicting agriculture and coins. However, pests that are trying to destroy the murals appear, so the party confronts these pests to protect the ruins...!

Search! The great unknown discovery!

--Banana Ocean, mysterious ruins--

Solidago: Fuu, thank you for the meal! Thanks for the curry, Carrot-chan! It was super tasty!

Carrot: Ehehe, it wasn't much♪ Thank you for helping us! Because of that, I feel the curry has become even more special than normal♪

Also, that takoyaki was really tasty! Convolvulus-chan, thank you♪

Convolvulus: Um, not at all... It's Solidago's favourite, so I've devised various ways to carry it around...

...Carrot-san's sweet curry was delicious, thanks...

Carrot: Ehehe, you're very welcome! Of course it's my supreme camp sweet curry!

O-K, now that our bellies are full we can investigate with all our strength! Right, Burdock!

Burdock: If we solve the puzzle at the location marked here, we'll get another map, and if we solve the puzzle there... Instead of being serious , it more feels like we're playing around.

Well, it doesn't really matter, as it's the thrill of investigating ruins, but...

Solidago: Yeah yeah, that's right! When we're all going around solving puzzles, it feels like we're on an adventure!

I wonder what the next puzzle will be? Ehehe, I'm so excited♪

Burdock: While we were eating, I deciphered the text. The ink colour is a little different than before. So I suspect this could be the last.

Firstly... We need to turn that statue over there to face the pedestal at the front...

Carrot: Oh, oooh...Like this...!

Solidago: There's stairs leading underground---!! Yyyyahh ooo!!!!

Convolvulus: Amazing... Stairs leading underground, it really does match Danchou-san's stories...

Burdock: At the underground ruins you discovered at that time, there was a mural depicting Spring Garden from a thousand years ago. World Flowers, countless pests, and exceptionally huge pests. Also... The Solar Blade.

In addition, there were many inscriptions written inside the ruins, but there are characters that don't match the Twin inscriptions, so the whole scene hasn't been clarified yet.

Solidago: But, even without all that, it was a huge discovery... The blueprints for the Whale Ship were there!

Burdock: Yes, and powerful pests appeared at the same time... The only super power that can fight against the ancient pests, the Whale Ship. I think that was the greatest discovery in history...!

Carrot: Doc! We should expect more and more! We'll also be recorded in history as making a great discovery!

And then Doc will get a huge prize, and all through Spring Garden, you'll be called “professor”! Uhyaa! Hey, Professor Burdock!

Burdock: P-please stop calling me that... One day I'd like to be called that, but right now, I lack the experience... At least for now, we can't yet decide that this a great discovery.

Carrot: She actually said it♪ Are you grinning as well?

Burdock: I-I'm not! So, let's take a look inside...

Carrot: Everyone, be careful where you step as we move in!

Convolvulus: We're underground, but... it isn't as dark as I thought. That's a relief... Solidago, it's dangerous, so stay behind me.

Solidago: Don't worry, it's all fine! I don't think I'm going to trip up! Probably!

Burdock: It seems like the light is piercing through the ground quite well. But, it's been designed that the sun doesn't reach any sensitive parts, like this mural.

Carrot: This is... a picture of fields being ploughed? Something's written underneath it, but...

Burdock: It seems to be describing suitable soil for fields and mechanisms for drawing water. Is it a record of ancient agriculture...?

A string of text I've never seen before... Names of plants, maybe. I'll note it down...

Solidago: Wah, there are coins in this box! Maybe it's treasure...!?

Convolvulus: Hm... I've seen that in the textbooks at the Knight Academy. Maybe, the currency of this era has already been discovered...

Solidago: Ah, that's true. I've seen this pattern before.

But isn't it rare to be left behind so neatly? We need to record this properly too!

Both of the choices “Quiet...!” and “Hide...!” will have the same result;

Carrot: *sniff sniff*... The smell of the soil and stones... The sound of dripping water... the footsteps of pests!

Pests coming from the ground: OreeeEEsu...

Solidago: Pests from deep inside the ruins!? Why are they in such an underground ruin...!?

Burdock: Have they opened up a tunnel from somewhere else... I hope they don't go wild in a place like this...

Pests coming from the ground: Oreeeee...OreeeeEEsu...!!

Burdock: Ugh! They're trying to destroy the mural...!

Solidago: Aaah! They're knocking the coins everywhere!

Carrot: S-stop!!

Pests coming from the ground: Oreee!?

Burdock: Carrot!!

Carrot: This is the discovery that Doc and us found...! This is probably the great discovery of Doc's dreams...! So... So...!

I absolutely won't allow you to destroy it!!

Pests coming from the ground: Oree... OreeeeeEEE!!!!

Burdock: Watch out!!

Carrot: D-doc...!

Burdock: For heaven's... Going straight at them is dangerous you know. You've been told to hide...

Carrot: S-sorry...

Burdock: ...But, if Caro hadn't gone ahead, I'd have jumped out. I can't stand ruins getting ruined!

Solidago: That's exactly right! I absolutely won't allow you to get in the way of our investigation, or Burdock-san's dreams!

Convolvulus: We need to herd them, so that they don't destroy the murals and relics. It's fine, we and Danchou-san are here too.

Carrot: Solidago-chan, Convolvulus-chan... Yeah, thanks! Let's defeat these pests together!

Pests coming from the ground: Oreeee... OreeeeEEEE...!!

Burdock: I'll never forgive those who try to destroy ruins... Let's go...!


The party defeats the pests, and discovers a secret room deep in the ruins. Inside were carefully preserved seeds. The discovery of a new or extinct species had the party excited, but a few days later, it turned out the seeds were from the widely spread banana, this didn't take away the satisfaction of having a great adventure in the eyes of the party though.


Pests coming from the ground: O, Re...eE.....

Solidago: ...Iiii----Yah oo----I!! That's a victory for us!!

Carrot: Yeah, there are no more strange sounds, so it looks like we're clear! Yippee!

Burdock: It seems like the damage to the surrounding relics was minor. Let's go and check the back room which the pests came out of.

Solidago: Wah, a hole's opened up! The pests came in from here. Also, there's lots of broken murals. They don't look like they've deteriorated through the passage of time either.

Convolvulus: Probably, before those pests met us...

Burdock: ...There's still some things that have been left unbroken. Let's make sure to record it all properly.

Carrot: ...What? Hey Doc, this... There's a draft coming from here. As opposed to the hole the pests had opened, the air here smells fresh...

Both of the choices “A hidden room?” and “A puzzle door?” will have the same result;

Burdock: ...Ah, you're right...! You can see a square in this section of wall. That would mean...

Carrot: Wa, wa! The wall's opened up! There was one more room hidden there!

Burdock: That pedestal in the back... There's a box on it.

Inside is................Seeds?

Solidago: Seeds...Plant seeds? Why are they in this place?

Burdock: ...On the first map we had, “The road to the seeds of hope” was written. Maybe this is...

Carrot: Seeds of hope... Are literally seeds... Hmmm, that's a little boring, isn't it...

So why is hope written? Is this some kind of important plant's seeds??

Solidago: ...Huh! I get it, I get it! It must be some kind of new species of extinct plant that nobody knows about! That must be it!

Because, you know, it was so well hidden!? There's no doubts they're super precious seeds!

Burdock: Extinct... New species...! Sure, that could be entirely possible! A never seen before unknown plant, this... Is a huge discovery...!

Carrot: We...We did...We did it Doc----!! If we present this at an academic conference, we'll definitely get a great reward! Doc, you'll get a commendation---! It'll be the birth of Professor Burdock----!!

Solidago: Wow, wow! That's amazing, after such hardship, we've made a huge discovery! What a great adventure!

Burdock: L-let's get this seed tested straight away! Let's bring the seeds home, no we should contact an expert first...!

-After the great adventure of the investigation, the party discovered carefully stored seeds. The discovery of the century... Or maybe not, the party shouted with joy.

And so, a few days later, at a banana plantation...

Burdock: …...This is...

Kurenai: This is, Banana Ocean's most widely distributed banana seed.

It's our number one crop on this plantation. Ah, when I say ours, I mean I'm the poster girl for this plantation!

I got a sudden cal from the plantation owner, saying he would like me to deal with some scholars, so I thought something was up... But it's just Danchou-san and you guys. Also, it was just to show me some banana seeds...

...Ara? What's wrong everyone?

Solidago: No, it's just there were a few things...

This... The seeds that we found, are just the same, right... We-well,they're just some banana seeds, aren't they...?

Burdock: ...It wasn't really a huge discovery...

Carrot: D-Doc...

Solidaster: ...Burdock-san. Of course, it not being a new species or extinct plant is a shame, but discovering that underground ruin and those seeds, was still a huge help in the study of our history.

When those ruins were built, Banana Ocean was in the middle of a famine. Perhaps these seeds were one of the important things to be preserved to overcome the famine.

At the academic conference, everyone was happy to gain an insight into the food situation at that time. Thank you very much.

Burdock: Solidaster-san... No, I'm sorry for concerning you. I just got a little ahead of myself.

Of course it wasn't a huge discovery that would win awards. But, it helped to unravel a part of history.

...Fufu, as I thought, I didn't know what would happen in those ruins, so it was a lot of fun. Also, it was very meaningful to be able to investigate with Solidago-san and the others...It was fun.

Solidago: Burdock-san...Yeah! Me too! I also had a lot of fun to go on a huge adventure with everyone!

Burdock: Recently, I'd forgotten a little bit what this kind of feeling was like. I'm happy to have made so many memories with everyone.

So...Umm...If you don't mind...

Solidago: Yeah, let's definitely go investigating together again! Next time, you should come to Lotus Lake! I'm sure you'd love the ruins on the lake bottom!

Convolvulus: When that happens... Everyone in team Koisoriha will help out.

Carrot: Lake bottom ruins!? Amazing! I'll definitely, absolutely go! right, Doc!

Burdock: Yeah, I'll be there. And... I'd be pleased to discover the unknown with everyone!

Solidago: Roger that! Let's go on an adventure to the lake bottom! Leave it to team Koisoriha!

-The seeds, which could have been the discovery of the century, turned out to be completely normal. Still, in each of their hearts, they carry a lot of new experiences and memories, which will be an important source of fuel for their next great adventure...