Flower Knights are personifications of flowers. You will mainly obtain them from Gacha, Events, and Serial Codes. Very low rarity ones are often found as drop items in Subjugations.



Rarity ranges from ★1 which applies to low-tier fairies and dragons to ★6 along with that is the color of the image frame differs as well.


This is the round icon that can be found in the card screen, representing their type.

  • Slash: Flower Knights that uses swords and daggers
  • Pierce: Flower Knights that uses rapiers, bows and spears
  • Crush: Flower Knights that uses hammers, maces and fist
  • Magic: Flower Knights as what it says are spellcasters, also firearm-using Flower Knights are in this category as well.



Set hanamomo skin

6* Peach Blossom set to the 5* Peach Blossom (June Bride)'s skin. The owned June Bride character isn't bloomed, so that skin isn't available.

The skin / スキン is the appearance the character is displayed as. A skin comes as a set of a illustration / イラスト and an SD (super-deformed; the chibi sprite). When you evolve or bloom a character, the character gets a new illustration (unless they have powers-only blooming). You can change skins using the skin (スキン) button found on the Character Management screen. Flower knights can also use skins from alternate costume forms so long as the base character is the same. For example, Peach Blossom and Peach Blossom (June Bride) can use each other's skins so long as you have obtained both.

Some characters such as Cattleya, Anemone, and Cyclamen have special skins that are automatically available as soon as you obtain any form of their character. Furthermore, some-or-all of these unique skins will unlock a new Character Quest the first time you switch to their unique skin. In the case of Cattleya, Anemone, and Cyclamen, they earned their unique skins as a result of winning a popularity poll Event.


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