Gachas are the primary way of getting strong Flower Knights in the game. Here you can spend DMM points, Flower Stones, Premium Gacha Tickets, or Gacha Seeds to roll for random characters. Additionally, Equipment Gacha seeds can be exchanged for basic and EX gear for your characters.

To see the list of temporary premium and promotional gachas, see Premium Gacha.

Gacha Page

  1. Special Gacha
  2. Added Character Gacha
  3. Reprint or Selection Gacha
  4. Third Gacha (Contents vary by week)
  5. The Premium Gacha
  6. Normal Gacha
  7. Equipment Gacha
  8. Gacha lineup: Available characters and appearance rates by rarity
  9. Spend 100 DMM Pt for 1 pull
  10. Spend 5 500 flower stones for 1 pull or 50 5,000 for 11

Special Gachas

Special Gachas (特別), also called Promotional Gachas, are gachas with special benefits. They cost DMM points rather than flower stones. All special gachas can only be rolled once and the tab will not appear if there are no gachas to display.

Currently, there are three permanent special gachas.

Step Up Gacha

  • Step Up Gacha
  • Old Step Up Gacha

The Limited Edition Step Up Gacha (限定ステップアップガチャ) is the first of the permanent special gachas. It lets you do single gacha rolls such that each successive roll has better chances for good results. Expires never.

On July 30th, 2018, this gacha was renewed in order to prepare the game to be released for the mobile environment. The old gacha was no longer accessible, so people who did not roll it would miss out on it. All players could accessed the renewed gacha even if they rolled the old one. The renewed gacha contains characters introduced since July 23rd, 2018 and earlier.

Step Up Gacha Contents
Step Current Old
DMM Points Reward DMM Points Reward
1 100 One 2-6* character, 6 rainbow medals 10 One 2-6* character
2 100 One 4-6* character, 6 rainbow medals 30 One 4-6* character
3 100 One 4-6* character, 6 rainbow medals 70 One 4-6* character
4 100 One 5* character, 6 rainbow medals 100 One 5* character
5 100 One 5* character, 6 rainbow medals 300 One 5* character
Total Cost 500 500

Weekly Gacha

Weekly gacha

Introduced on Aug 10th, 2018, the Rainbow Medal-Attached Weekly Gacha / 虹色メダル付きウィークリーガチャ is a premium gacha that you can roll once per week. It costs 480 DMM points on the Browser Version and 480 yen on the Mobile Version. This gacha refreshes and allows you to roll again at 00:00 Japan time every Thursday. It is available from 00:00 Thursday to 23:59 Wednesday. Amenities:

  • 1 character that is 5* (96.5%) or 6* (3.5%)
  • 20 rainbow medals

The available characters will match the premium gacha from the week before. This means it will not contain the characters from the Current Event. Its lineup changes the moment the gacha refreshes.

Perks Attached Gacha

  • Gacha Banner
  • Old Gacha
  • Old Gacha Extras

The First-Time, Limited Edition, Perks-Attached Special Gacha / 初回限定特典付きスペシャルガチャ is the second permanent special gacha. It costs 5,000 DMM points to purchase. Expires never.

Perks-Attached Gacha Contents
Current Rewards Old Rewards
  • 11 characters
  • Special Gacha Exchange Ticket (First-Time)
  • 20 D medals
  • 11 characters (up until Christmas Festival)
  • Special Exchange Ticket (Privileged)
  • 100 Year Strengthening Spirits of each color
  • 5 Special Services Award (Silver)

The (old) Special Exchange Ticket can be exchanged for one of any 5 or 6-star Flower Knights, that had been introduced up until the Christmas 2015 Festival event.

On July 30th, 2018, this gacha was renewed just like the step up gacha. People who did not roll the old one lost their chance to roll it. Those who did roll it were able to keep the old exchange ticket even if they held on to it, although the characters you could trade for did not change. All players could access the new gacha even if they rolled the old one. Although the renewed gacha contains characters introduced since July 23rd, 2018 and earlier, you can only trade for characters that were introduced from July 9th and earlier.

Time-Limited Special Gacha

Time-limited special gachas are available on certain occasions (such as Golden Week and early summer). They typically cost 2,000 to 5,000 DMM points, produce 11 flower knights with the same or better rates as the Premium Gacha, and also provide bonus items. Examples of bonus items include tickets, blooming medicine, and equipment flowers. The tickets allow a player to choose any 5 or 6-star Flower Knight that was available in any gacha prior to the ticket's release.

Some of these special gachas guarantee that one of the 11 flower knights is a 6* character and may ensure it is a character that you do not own yet. If you already own all of the 6* characters available in the gacha, you would get a random 6* character.

See Premium Gacha.

Premium Gachas

Premium Gachas / プレミウムガチャ can refer to any of the four gachas that you can spend flower stones on to earn flower knights. It costs 5 500 flower stones to roll 1x or 50 5,000 flower stones to roll 11x. 11x is cheaper because you get an extra character.

In any premium gacha, getting a 5/6-star character you already had before will earn you Rainbow Medals.

Each day, you can spend 100 DMM points to draw one flower knight and gain a Leader Medal / 団長メダル that can be used in Wares. The rainbow medals amenity applies here as well.

Each time you use flower stones to roll a premium gacha, you get rarity growth stones for Rarity Growth. 2 RG stones come from a 1x. 22 RG stones come from an 11x.

Premium gachas have the following appearance rates for each rarity.

Typical Premium Gacha Rates
6 Star 5 Star 4 Star 3 Star 2 Star
0.5% 6% 30% 63.5% 0%

Furthermore, premium gachas that aren't The Premium Gacha will boost the appearance rate of specific characters which will be highlighted in that gacha's list of available characters. If a character of that rarity appears, there is a higher chance that they will be one of the boosted characters. These gachas do not change the aforementioned rarity rates.

Added Character Gacha


Added Character Gacha

Premium gacha 1 is the Added Character (追加キャラ) Gacha increases the appearance rate of the characters that were most recently added to the game. Its tab is labeled 追加キャラ. This gacha is always available during the current Event period, so they last two weeks.

Reprint or Selection Gacha

Premium gacha 2 is the Reprint (復刻) Gacha which increases the appearance rate of characters who appeared in the currently available Reprint Event. People who want a specific flower knight from an older, not-yet-republished event can save up flower stones to target this gacha before it comes out. This gacha lasts for a week and will become something else during the 2nd half of the Reprint Event.


Selection Gacha

A Selection (セレクション) Gacha increases the appearance rate of particular advertised characters. Its tab is labeled セレクション. Usually there is some sort of similarity between the characters or they may be the result of a survey asking what players want. These gachas tend to last for one week.

Third Gacha

Premium gacha 3 features something unique each week. It updates at the same time as the weekly scheduled maintenances. Here are some examples of what this tab could be.


Nation Gacha (Lily Wood)

A Nation (国家) Gacha prioritizes characters based on their homeland. All 5* and 6* characters in this gacha are guaranteed to be from the advertised nation. All 3* and 4* characters can appear from the gacha, but there is a boosted chance that they will be from the advertised nation. This gacha's contents change daily in order to accomodate for all of the nations. Sometimes multiple nations will be advertised at once. These gachas tend to last for one week.

A Type (属性) Gacha increases the appearance rate of characters of a specific type. This gacha's contents change daily in order to accomodate for all of the types. Sometimes multiple types will be advertised at once. These gachas tend to last for one week.

An Ability (アビリティ) Gacha increases the appearance rate of characters with a particular class of ability. For example, the featured 5* and 6* characters may have increased critical hit rate abilities. Characters who earn the featured ability only after being evolved or bloomed will still be highlighted in this gacha.

Blooming reprint gacha 4

Blooming Republish Gacha

A Blooming Republish (開花復刻) Gacha is based on bloomable flower knights. The 5* and 6* flower knights you can get are guaranteed to be bloomable. Furthermore, some of the bloomable flower knights may be featured.

The Premium Gacha


Premium Gacha #47

Premium gacha 4 is The Premium Gacha (プレミアム) is a specific type of premium gacha that does not favor any characters. It has the same cover image as the Added Character Gacha despite not favoring any characters, so be careful not to be fooled. This gacha is always available, but its contents will always reflect the currently available flower knights.

Ticket Gacha

Premium gacha

Premium Gacha Ticket Gacha

A Ticket (チケット) Gacha is rollable using unique tickets you have acquired. The tab for this gacha is only visible if you have a ticket you can use and several gachas can appear on this tab at once.

Premium Gacha Ticket Gacha

The Premium Gacha Ticket Gacha (プレミアムガチャチケットガチャ) lets you use Premium Gacha Tickets to to roll the Premium Gacha. The rates are identical to that of The Premium Gacha, so its only benefit is that you don't need to spend flower stones on it.

Leader Ticket Gacha

Danchou ticket gacha with rainbow medals

5* and Up Guaranteed Gacha (D)

The Leader Ticket Gacha (団長チケットガチャ) lets you roll a gacha that only produces 5 and 6 star flower knights. The rate of a 6 star flower knight coming out is higher than that of other gachas: 7.5%.

It requires a Leader Ticket (団長チケット) which can be bought from the Shop for Leader Medals (団長メダル). The medals are in turn either bought from the Shop for Bond Crystals, or they are gotten for each 100 DMM Point pull you do on a Premium Gacha.

As an added amenity, if you roll a 5* unit instead of a 6* unit, you will earn 30 Rainbow Medals (虹色メダル).

Rainbow Medal

Rainbow medal x30

A Rainbow Medal (虹色メダル) is a currency used in the Shop to select any 5* or 6* flower knight that is available in The Premium Gacha. It is a feature that is very heavily oriented towards paying players since free players can expect to wait years before getting the 300 Rainbow Medals required to buy a flower knight. Rainbow Medals are earned by rolling the Leader Ticket Gacha or getting duplicate 5* or 6* characters from the following gachas:

  • Special (特別)
  • Added Character (追加キャラ)
  • Reprint (復刻) and Selection (セレクション)
  • Bloomable Character (開花キャラ), Blooming Reprint (開花復刻), Ability (アビリティ), Nation (国家), and Type (属性)
  • The Premium Gacha (プレミアム)
  • Ticket (チケット)
  • Drawing a 6* character  which is already in your collection earns you 50 Rainbow Medals.
  • Drawing a 5* character  which is already in your collection earns you 2 Rainbow Medals.
  • Drawing a 5* character  from the Leader Ticket Gacha additionally earns you 30 Rainbow Medals.

Normal Gacha

The normal gacha uses brown Gacha Seeds to randomly acquire any 1 to 4 star Flower Knight. It also offers a moderate chance of pulling a 5 Year Strengthening Spirit and very low chance to pull an Ampule.

The cost is fixed at 100 seeds per roll and after the first draw each day 10 and 100 batch draws become available.

One of the daily quests requires the player to roll this gacha 15 times.

Equipment Gacha

Updated Equipment Gacha

Here you can exchange Equipment Seeds for equipment. You primarily gain equipment seeds by attacking raid bosses. Low lvl bosses produce low level (dark blue) seeds, Higher level bosses produce mid level (light blue) seeds, and rare bosses reward high level (green) seeds. High level seeds can also be Refined from Mid Level Equipment Gacha Seeds (中級装備ガチャ種) and bought from the Shop.

The high level equipment gacha has a low chance to drop EX Equipment which is among the best gear in the game.

Each draw costs 100 seeds and equipment can be drawn in batches of 100, 10, or less then 10 if you have less then 1000 seeds to spend.

Event Gacha

Ev54-event gacha

Event 54's Gacha

An Event Gacha (イベントガチャ) is a gacha that only appears during a gacha-type event and is only rollable using the specific currency from that event. They all have multiple stages which contain the event flower knight in its first stage, skill and equipment flowers in the following stages, and the limited edition event equipment in later stages during the second week of the event. For details on an event gacha look at the relevant event page such as Beyond The Boundaries of the Reflecting Water.

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