Flower Knight Girl Wikia
Flower Knight Girl Wikia

The Garden / 庭園 is a sandbox where players can place characters and objects around to make an interesting scene. Not to be mistaken with Secret Gardens.


Garden example

This is an overview of the interface. The buttons on the left side from top-to-bottom are as follows.

  1. HOME: Return to the Home Page
  2. 購入: Buy things for your garden
  3. 模様替え: Change the garden's design
  4. キャラ: Swap out characters
  5. 訪問: Visit another person's garden
  6. 虫図鑑: View collected pests
  7. 切り替え: Use a different garden

The buttons on the bottom from left-to-right are as follows.

  1. Options
  2. Hide the interface
  3. Save a screenshot of your garden to your computer
  4. Post a screenshot of your garden to Twitter
  5. Add a random character to the garden
  6. Catch all pests from all of your gardens

If you have the gramophone/jukebox object around, clicking on it lets you buy and/or change the music


Buying screen

Garden related items can be bought using either usual gold currency or garden-only currency called garden medals (庭園メダル). Garden medals are earnable from potted plant gatherings and daily quests. Certain items additionally require a written request to a gardener with remarkable abilities (スゴウデ庭師への依頼状). The request is a rare currency item that can be bought for 100 DMM points from the Shop. It was given out as part of a login campaign in the past but shows up in such very rarely.

Upon clicking the Buy button (購入), a tabbed menu will appear. These organize the sections of the Garden that you can buy. From left to right, the tabs are scenery (背景), summer house (東屋), garden trees (庭木), objects (オブジェ), and potted plants (鉢植え). Scenery changes the floor of your Garden. The summer house is the housing to the upper-left hand side of the Garden. The garden trees correspond to the upper-right hand area of the Garden.

Sample buyable things

Sample buyable things are shown on the side. The name is shown on top. Below it, the following text is shown.

  • 交換制限:あと1回 / Exchange Limit: 1 Time Left. This is how many more times you can buy the thing. Usually, you can only buy one.
  • 交換期限:無期限 / Exchange Period: Limitless. This is the time period by which you can buy the thing. Usually, there is no time limit.

Below that, the required currency to buy it is shown. You can use either gold or garden medals. A written request is shown on the left-hand side if you need to expend one to buy it.



Clicking on the button to change the Garden's design (模様替え) allows you to choose the scenery, summer house, trees, and objects that get used. A set of colored buttons appear corresponding to those four parts of the Garden. They have the same order as the tabs in the menu for buying things. From top to bottom, they say the following:

  • Scenery
  • Summer house
  • Garden trees
  • Objects
  • Potted Plants

Upon clicking one of these buttons, a slider bar appears at the bottom of the screen. These are the things you own for that particular section of the Garden. The item that has 選択中 written on it is the thing currently in use. Click on any other owned thing to change the selection. At the bottom-right you can see the text 配置数 which is how many things can be put down for that particular section of the Garden. You can only have one scenery (floor), summer house, and type of garden trees. You can have up to 15 objects in your Garden.

Objects are a little different from the other sections of the Garden. Upon putting an object into the Garden, that object can be dragged around and placed in any clear place that is not overlapping a character or another object. They can also be flipped horizontally. If too many objects are in use, you cannot place any more objects down. Remove an object beforehand in order to place a new object down. To remove an object, drag the object to the chest at the upper-right labeled 撤去する (remove). To easily remove all objects at once, the button at the upper-right labeled 配置全撤去 (remove all arrangements). Clicking the button will ask if you are sure that you want to remove all objects; the left button is はい / Yes and the right button is いいえ / No.

Character Management

Character management screen

Character management: Sorting

Character management: Filter

Characters can be added and removed to and from the Garden by clicking on the Character (キャラ) button. You can have 11 characters in your Garden. Along with your owned flower knights, Nazuna is also able to be put into the Garden. On the character management screen, the left pull-down list is the sort and the right pull-down list is the filter.

Animation buttons

When a character is in the Garden, she may be dragged around and placed in any empty area. Clicking on her activates her Joyful animation and has her say one of her lines. Putting your mouse over her reveals a set of buttons to control her actions. At the very top is a play/pause button to allow you to freeze her animations. Below her is an arrow that faces left or right. Clicking this toggles the direction she is facing. The bottom-most button changes the animation that the flower knight is set to do. The displayed text is the animation they will be doing. Clicking on the button cycles through animations. The animations available are as follows:

  • 移動 / Move: The girl will aimlessly move around. This is the default animation.
  • 喜び / Joy: The girl will do their victory pose animation. This is normally seen after a Search.
  • 攻撃 / Attack: The girl will continuously do their normal attack animation.
  • 静止 / Stand still: The girl will stand in place. The animation button is notably red unlike the other animations.


Jukebox menu

The jukebox/gramophone is a unique object that allows you to set the music that plays in your garden. Visitors will hear that. While the jukebox is in the garden, click on it to open a menu that displays all of the songs in the game. You start out with only one song available, so you will need to buy more music with gold or garden medals. The following buttons are on the jukebox's menu.

  • At the top-right, the circular arrow surrounding the word "ALL" toggles looping. When on, the current song repeats itself indefinitely. When off, the song goes to the next song when the song ends.
  • At the top-right, the criss-crossed arrows toggles random playback. When on, looping is also activated and songs that play will be randomly selected when songs end. When off, looping is also disabled because the current song will repeat indefinitely.
  • For songs you have bought, a play symbol / ▶ lets you play the song.
  • For songs you haven't bought, three buttons are available.
    1. Trial listening (試聴) lets you listen to a short clip before buying it.
    2. Buy (購入) with garden medals.
    3. Buy (購入) with gold.
  • At the very bottom, you can see how many garden medals and gold you have.
- Japanese English
Play 束の間の休息 Moment of Rest
Play 心の安息 Repose of Heart
Play 団長執務室 Commander's Office
Play 冒険への門出 Departure to Adventure
Play 大草原 Big Prairie
Play 荒野の探索 Investigating the Wilderness
Play 花騎士調査団 Flower Knight Investigation Committee
Play 古代の秘境 Ancient Unexplored Region
Play 害虫討伐 Pest Subjugation
Play 害虫との死闘 Battle to the Death With Pests
Play 運命ひらり(instrumental) Nimble Fate
Play truth(instrumental) truth
Play サマーバケーション Summer Vacation
Play 秋の祭り Fall Festival
Play 月見の坂を越えて Over the Moon-Viewing Hill
Play 紅葉狩り Autumn-Leaf Viewing
Play トリック・オア・トリート Trick or Treat
Play 冬の高揚 Winter Cheer
Play クリスマス・フェスタ Christmas Festival
Play 笑う花には福来る Good Fortune Comes to Smiling Flowers
Play 一姫当千 One-in-a-Thousand Princess
Play 花騎士に栄光あれ Glory to Flower Knights
Play 高鳴る花は The Excited Flowers
Play 咲き乱れるは雅 Profuse Blooming is Elegance
Play 開花の兆し Signs of Blooming
Play 桜華剣乱 Cherry Blossom Sword-War
Play 新たに芽吹くは花の誇り Pride of Newly Sprouting Flowers
Play 花よ舞え大空へ Oh Flowers, Dance to the Sky
Play 蒼穹をゆく船 Boat Going to the Blue Sky
Play 風を裂く雲上の戦い Tearing Winds in a Battle Above the Clouds
Play 襲来セシ空ノ脅威 The Threat of the Sky Has Invaded
Play 碧空へ飛び立つ華 Flower Leaping Towards the Azure Sky
Play 花の雫は湖面を揺らし Water Drops From Flowers Disrupt the Lake Surface
Play 恵雨に舞い踊る花娘 Flower Girl Dancing Under the Welcome Rain
Play 彩り舞う華の舞踏会 A Ball for the Colorful Dancing Flower
Play 華やぐ天の河を越えて Crossing the Shining Milky Way
Play 南風にふわり舞うはなびら Petals Softly Dancing to the South WindMT
Play 青い悪魔 The Blue Demon
Play 指踊り弾く鉄線風車の如く Like an Iron Wire Windmill Playing Finger DancingMT
Play 影ニ浮ク幻華 Two Shadows Floating in the Phantom FlowerMT
Play 世界花のある日々 Every Day of the Flower WorldMT
Play 陽気に花が踊る様に As Cheerful Flowers DanceMT
Play 女王の輝きは永久に A Queen's Eternal Shine
Play 駆け抜ける紅の風 Crimson Wind Rushing By
Play 誘惑にはためく野望 Ambition that Flutters from Temptation
Play 海風から広がる旅立ちの湊 Minato's Departure from the Sea BreezeMT
Play 祝祭前の楽しいひと時 The fun moment before the festival
Play 祝祭に華やぐ燈 Brilliant Light at the FestivalMT
Play 彩で終わり始まりから咲く Bloom from Beginning to End in ColorMT
Play 追憶にゆらぐ秘湯 Farewell to Secret MemoriesMT
Play 清心秘めたる華祭 Secret FiancéeMT
Play 恋心秘める楽しい祭事 Fun Festival to Keep SecretMT
Play 静謐かつ神聖な都 Serene and Sacred CapitalMT
Play 柔和に花開く楽しい旅路 Fun Journey to Blossom BlossomMT
Play 独創的な刺激と香る野営地 Creative Inspiration and Scented CampMT
Play 思いやりと行楽の歓迎会 Welcome Party of Compassion and HolidayMT
Play 楽しく語る春の便り Speaking Loudly SpeakingMT
Play 開かれた花の祝祭 Open Flower FestivalMT
Play 予断を許さない南海の孤島 Nankai the Unpredictable and Solitary IslandMT
Play 誘惑と雑踏に溢れる商売の街 Town of the City Full of Temptation and Hustle and BustleMT
Play 自然と親交と共存の国 Country of Coexistence Between Nature and FriendshipMT
Play 風と渓谷に包まれた雅な国 Ya Countries Wrapped in Wind and ValleyMT
Play ちょっとした平穏な南の避暑地 A Somewhat Peaceful Summer ResortMT
Play 熱情を帯びる開港された街 Open-town with EnthusiasmMT
Play 指導響く自然の騎士学校 Nature of the Knight School Echoing GuidanceMT
Play 内気な期待は魅惑的? Shyness is Enchanting?MT
Play 悲しき別れ、耐える愛の叙事伝 Sad Farewell, Epic Legend of Love to WithstandMT
Play 癒しの桃、恋し郷人 Healing Peach, Loving TownspeopleMT
Play 真実と欺瞞による駆け引き Bargaining by Deception and TruthMT
Play 節度無き欲望の末映す滅びの都 The Capital of Destruction as a Result of Desire Without ModerationMT
Play 心躍る聖夜の春庭 An Exciting Christmas Eve Spring GardenMT
Play 壮大なる氷上と麗容の国 On a Magnificent Ice and a Beautiful CountryMT
Play 豊穣の予感、霊峰に射す曙光 Premonition of Fertility, Shogun to Shoot at LingfengMT
Play 銀の大地に芽吹くもの Buds on Silver GroundMT
Play 傑物集結せし才華祭 A Collection of Exquisite GiftsMT
Play 雪原に舞う怒りの火花 Spark of Anger Dancing in the Snow FieldMT
Play 千の脅威に立ち向かう戦花 Battlefield Confronting a Thousand ThreatsMT
Play 千の足の胎動 Fomenting Thousand-FeetMT
Play 迫る炎熱と宵闇の眷属 Fielding Heat and Dusk ObligationMT
Play 白き日に感謝の気持ちを貴女へ I Thank You for your Gratitude for the White DayMT
Play 競技者たちの鋭気は常夏に燃え The Sharpness of the Athletes Burns in the SummerMT
Play 春風と共に爛漫の丘へ Together with the Spring Breeze to the Hill of WisdomMT
Play 純潔による導きと冷徹な希望 Guidance and Chilling Hope by PurityMT
Play 宵に忍ぶ者たちの驀進 Rampage of Those who Cling to the EveningMT
Play 天雫から生まれる奇跡 Miracle Born from Heaven DropletMT
Play 水影の騎士 Aqua Shadow
Play 踊りし仮面に捧ぐ円舞曲 Dancing with Masks to the WaltzMT
Play 水面の風に赴くまま As I go to the Wind on the Water SurfaceMT
Play 霧と共に出づる幽霊船 A Ghost Ship with FogMT
Play 満天の星を観にいこう! Let's go see the Stars of the Sky!MT
Play 潜入!監獄島地下へ Infiltrate! To the Underground Prison IslandMT

Potted Plant

hovering the mouse over a pest to capture it

The potted plant (鉢植え) is a special garden object that was implemented on 6th June 2016. They can be bought just like other garden objects. Only five can be put into your gardens at once.

Potted plants put in the garden attract pests after four hours. You can capture the pest by clicking on it directly or clicking on the bug-catching net at the bottom of the screen to capture all pests at once. You can earn gold (around 0 to 10,000), stamina (around 0 to 40), garden medals. Any newly captured pests will be recorded in your Insect Picture Book.

Character-Specific Potted Plant

Two ordinary pots on top, and three different character pots on bottom

On September 11th, 2017, character-specific potted plants (キャラクター専用鉢植え) were added to the game. They behave like ordinary potted plants, but may also rarely produce a skill flower or equipment flower for the character that the pot was designed for. This provides players with the only method of fully upgrading certain characters.

The following characters have character-specific pots, most of them being characters from the Comiket Set.

Characters and Their Pots
Character Character Name Character Acquisition Pot Name Pot



Buyable from a Comiket Special Set (ended)

Purchasable from the Wares


Potted Plant of Fleeting Dreams




Buyable from a Comiket Special Set (ended)

Purchasable from the Wares


Potted Plant of Never-Ending Friendship

Anri (Rue Anemone)

Anri (Rue Anemone)


Collaboration with Girl's Symphony (ended Sep 11, 2017)

Purchasable from the Wares


Potted Plant of Nonchalant Kindness

Azalea (Newcomer)

Azalea (Newcomer)


Event reward from Flowers to the Wasteland (ended)

3-Medal Reward for Diary of a Girl Who Got Caught Into Trouble






Buyable from a Comiket Special Set (ended)

Purchasable from the Wares



False Helleborine

False Helleborine


Buyable from a Comiket Special Set (ended)

Purchasable from the Wares



Wallich's Glory Bower

Wallich's Glory Bower


Buyable from a Comiket Special Set (ended)

Purchasable from the Wares



Tea Plant

Tea Plant


Buyable from a Comiket Special Set (ended)

Purchasable from the Wares



Fan Flower

Fan Flower


Buyable from a Comiket Special Set (ended)

Purchasable from the Wares



Meconopsis (Newcomer)

Meconopsis (Newcomer)


3-Medal Reward for Story Mission - Part 3, Mission 1



Japanese Viburnum

Japanese Viburnum


Buyable from a Comiket Special Set (ended)

Purchasable from the Wares




Insect Picture Book

The Insect Picture Book (虫図鑑) is a reference guide for various pests. It tells various information about pests such as their name, name pronunciation, race, habitat, and bibliography. Filling out the Insect Picture Book is one of the Main Quests.

List of Garden Objects

See List of Garden Objects.