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Name Description Alt Names
Flower Stone FKG's main premium currency. See Wares.
    Japanese: 華麗石【かれいせき】

  • Nutaku: FG or Flower Gem
  • Himeuta: HS or Hana Stone
Forge Spirit
Bracelet forge spirit bronze
Equipment Synthesis materials. It was given this name on Himeuta because it's easier to spell and understand for non-Japanese speakers. Originates from オキタエール which is a pun on を鍛える / to forge or temper. Due to the awkward spelling, Japanese people misspell it a lot.
  • Japanese: オキタエール
  • Romaji: Okitaeeru
Shinka ryuu 05 year blue icon
Evolution material.
  • Alternate: Dragon
  • Japanese: 進化竜 ブルム
  • Nutaku: Bloom
Kyouka rei 05 year blue icon
Strengthening Synthesis material.
  • Alternate: Fairy
  • Japanese: 強化霊 マニュ
  • Beta Nutaku: Progenitor
Life ampule icon
Strengthening Synthesis material. Originates from アンプルゥ which is probably a pun on amplification. Due to the awkward spelling, Japanese people misspell it a lot.
  • Shortening: Amp
  • Alternate: Ampy
Overall Force A rough estimate of a character or party's power based on their stats. Shown and used in-game in various areas. Originates from 総合力. Alternate: TP or Total Power
Skill Flower Synthesis materials that guarantee a skill level up.
Equipment Flower Synthesis materials that guarantee unlocking an equipment slot.
A collection of 1~4 parties. You select one set to go out on a Subjugation. Whale Airship sets consist of 1~8 parties. Editable from the Character Management screen.
Leader icon moved
Group of up to 5 Flower Knights.
Team, squad, etc.
jabu jabu
Slang that means to spend a lot. It is originally an onomatopoeia for the sound of gushing water. Before FKG was ever released, a screenshot of the game's mockup GUI was shown. The flower knight's description said, "Some description that will get players to spend cash like flowing water." Your Games confirmed it was for their game. FKG players still use this term jokingly, but it is not official terminology. [1]
  • Adj: jabu jabu / じゃぶじゃぶ
  • Base verb: jaburu / じゃぶる
  • Imperative verb: jabure / じゃぶれ
  • etc.
AFN Slang that refers to players that don't read the notices and instead ask for the info on message boards and such. Comes from 頭フラワーナイト / atama flower (k)night meaning one's head is full of flower knights. AFN is the FKG version of the phrase 頭の中がお花畑 meaning the person isn't thinking hard about anything and their head is full of flowers. [1]

Although "atama flower knight" would rightfully be turned into an acronym as AFK, this already has another meaning: "away from keyboard". Knight and night are both ナイト in Japanese, so it can be seen as a mistake by a Japanese person not understanding English, or as a clever way to avoid mistaking AFK and AFN. At any rate, the term is rude, so it should be used with consideration.

Full spec A flower knight at skill level five with four equipment slots. Does not involve Ampules. Depending on the context, may or may not require leveling/evolution. フルスペック, フルスペ
Danchou The main character. Faceless and only talks in third person. His job is managing and ordering around flower knights. His job involves lots of paperwork, watching over training, and going out to the field for subjugations. A danchou's existence powers up nearby flower knights. Many danchous exist in Spring Garden, so when capitalized like a proper noun, Danchou refers specifically to the main character.

"Danchou" doesn't cleanly translate to one English word. It refers to the top person of some group. Because of that, multiple words have been used to reference Danchou. This Wikia's community settled on "Danchou" because (a) most potential translations drop information, and (b) it makes the most obvious relation to Danchou Medals.

Knight commander, commander, leader, headmaster, grandmaster, lord, etc.


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