Interface home translated

Top Section

  • Interface home icon Return to home screen or view the backdrop.
  • Name: Shows your player name.
  • EXP: Shows the amount of EXP (experience points) required for next level.
  • Lv.: Shows your current level.
  • Stamina: Shows you current stamina and time until 1 stamina point will be recovered (3 minutes per point). Stamina is required to go to subjugation.
  • Raid Points: Shows your current raid points and time until 1 point will be recovered (30 minutes per point). The points are required to fight raid bosses.
  • Flower Stones: Premium in-game currency.
  • Gold: Common in-game currency.

Left Section

  • Interface subjugation icon Go out and fight pests.
  • Interface characters icon Manage Flower Knights and equipment.
  • Interface gacha icon Obtain Flower Knights and equipment.
  • Interface quests icon Earn rewards by fulfilling conditions.
  • Interface shop icon Buy Flower Stones with DMM points, expand your inventory with FS, etc.
  • Interface clearing house icon Buy things with Gold, event-specific currency, etc.
  • Interface comrades in arms icon Manage your allies.
  • Interface office icon Raise Flower Knights' affection, input serial codes, etc.
  • Interface options icon Manage your settings.
  • Interface news icon See the news from game managers.

Middle Section

  • Interface present box icon Collect rewards you've earned.
  • Interface explore icon Use exploration points to get random amount of gold, stamina, and gacha seeds. An extra reward can be earned too. It takes 2 hours for 1 point to recover.
  • Interface raid boss icon Use raid points to fight raid bosses.
  • Interface garden icon Manage your garden and visit gardens of other players.
  • Interface whale icon Fight the ancient pests.
  • Overall Force Ranking: Shows overall force of your 1st Set in comparison to your allies. Your position is highlighted.
  • Nazunavi (Nazuna Navigator): Shows the current limited-time activities.
  • Event banners: Click them to go to limited-time portions of the game.
    • Current event's banner will always be directly under the ranking.
    • Usually last event's banner will be shown below the current one. You have a week after event ends to exchange your already obtained event currency. You won't be able to gain any more items as event stages are no longer available. You can still perform the exchange even if the banner isn't on the main page.
  • Miscellaneous banners will be shown at the very bottom of middle section. They'll inform about new gacha deals, newly added stages, etc.
  • Information: Will show all currently active banners when clicked.

Note: One of your vice-leaders will show at random on the right side of the middle section.

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