The Wikia lacks editors and translators. If you have good English, a good understanding of the game, and a cooperative attitude, we'd love to have your help. Check out the Wikia Updating Guide and also join our Discord server to see how things are done. Examples of stuff we could use some extra hands on include the following.

  • Weekly update notes
  • Bi-weekly event pages
  • Weekly gacha changes
  • Weekly wares updates
  • Adding screenshots (tips)
  • Spotting missing information (eg. Glossary, Item, in-game features, etc)
  • Ideas for better organization of information or navigation
  • Fixing grammar, simplifying text, adding clarifications, etc
  • If you understand Japanese, character biographies and stories, event stories, etc

Note that machine translations (such as Google Translate) and Nutaku's localizations* are not acceptable additions to this Wikia.

*The one and only exception to this is the inclusion of flower knights' Nutaku names. They are included in the Wikia solely for Nutaku players curious about the characters they are already familiar with.

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