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Miscellaneous Icons

Dmm point Kareiishi

Gold Bond crystal Garden medal 000025 Awakening Dragon Petite Centy

Subjugation Icons

Recovery nectar Manyu key Skip Ticket Item A Seal stone fuchsia

Gaichuu toubatsu shou Life crystal Medals of honor Flower medal Sun medal

Fragment2 Fragment3 Fragment4 Fragment5 Fragment6

For-Gacha Icons

Pgt piece Premium gacha ticket Danchou ticket

Character Seed Equip seed Mid equip seed High equip seed Omoide tane

From-Gacha Icons

Danchou medal Rainbow medal Rarity growth stone

Useless Icons

Nushi medal Mother toubatsu tokubetsu kunshou 727trophy Promo lvupmarble

Miscellaneous Currencies

These currencies come from a variety of places or unusual places.

Miscellaneous Currencies
Name Usage How to Get
  • Dmm point
  • DMM Point
  • DMMポイント
Currency tied to your DMM account. Used to roll Premium Gachas and buy flower stones.
  • Buyable using real money.
  • Kareiishi
  • FS
  • Flower Stone
  • 花霊石
The game's premium currency. Used to roll Premium Gachas and fully refill stamina. Only comes in multiples of one hundred.
  • Gold
  • Gold
  • ゴールド
The most common currency. It can be used in Synthesis, Evolution, and buying Wares.
  • Found nearly everywhere, most effective place to get Gold is from Mori Mori Gold Boost.
  • Bond crystal
  • BC
  • Bond Crystal
  • 絆水晶
Currency used to buy blossomed affection gifts for flower knights who have had blossomed affection unlocked.
  • Refining equipment.
  • Earned from Nation Missions.
  • Using 3* or higher flower knights as synthesis materials or selling them to get BC as a bonus. You get the same amount regardless of method. The number of BC you get per knight is based on the rarity.
    • 3 star: 10 bond crystals
    • 4 star: 200 bond crystals
    • 5 star: 1,000 bond crystals
    • 6 star: 12,000 bond crystals
  • Garden medal
  • Garden Medal
  • 庭園メダル
Used to buy Garden things instead of using gold.
  • Earned from capturing pests from flower pots planted in the Garden.
  • Earned from some daily quests.
  • 000025
  • Gardener Request
  • (Written Request to a Gardener with Remarkable Abilities)
  • スゴウデ庭師への依頼状
Currency used for buying special items for the Garden along with gold/garden medals.
  • Buyable using 100 DMM Points.
  • Rarely distributed as Campaign presents.
  • Awakening Dragon Petite Centy
  • Petite Centy
  • プチ・センティ
100 can be refined into one normal Centy.

Subjugation Currencies

These currencies are primarily obtained from Subjugations.

Subjugation Currencies
Name Usage How to Get
  • Recovery nectar
  • Stamina Nectar
  • (Stamina 50% Recovery Nectar)
  • スタミナ50%回復蜜
Heals 50% of your stamina. It can be used from the Office or before subjugations if your stamina is too low. Like flower stones, they can heal beyond your maximum stamina.
  • Earned from various Campaigns.
  • Earned from some daily quest rewards.
  • Buyable from Wares using BC, Sun Medals, etc.
  • Manyu key
  • Manyu Key
  • (Strengthening spirit summon key)
  • 強化精霊召喚キー
Used to summon a Manyu Dungeon.
  • Buyable from Wares using BC, Danchou Medals, etc.
  • Earned from full clearing featured event stages (20 per event).
  • Skip Ticket
  • Skip Ticket
Used to skip a stage that has already been fully cleared.
  • Item A
  • Event Currency
Any currency earned through Events. The appearance, name, and usage vary significantly depending on which event the currency came from. Can be used to get event-specific Equipment and Garden objects or ordinary resources like gold, gifts, etc. When the event ends, the currency will become invalidated after a few weeks.
  • Earned from featured event stages.
  • Seal stone fuchsia
  • Seal Stone
  • 封印石
Currency earned from reprint events. They can be used to obtain that event's flower knight, her skill/equipment flowers, and the event limited edition equipment.

Seal stones are specific to the event that they came from and cannot be used for other reprint events. The appearance of seal stones match the flower related to their respective event girl.

  • Earned from reprint event stages.
  • Re-seal Stone
  • 再封石
Same thing as seal stones except that they apply to re-reprint events.
  • Earned from re-reprint event stages.
  • Gaichuu toubatsu shou
  • Subjugation Proof
  • (Proofs of Pest Subjugation)
  • 害虫討伐証
Used to buy things in Wares. Replaced the existence of Source of Ability-Nurturing.
  • Life crystal
  • LC
  • Life Crystal
  • 生命の結晶
Currency that can be used to buy Wares - including Kodaibana Skill Flowers. It is a common currency that takes work and strength to earn.
  • Medals of honor
  • Honor Medal
  • (Special Duty Medal of Honor)
  • 特務の褒章
Currency earned from Unique Missions. You get the most from Aqua Shadow missions. They can be used to buy Wares.
  • Earned from Unique missions.
  • Flower medal
  • Flower Medal
  • (Medal of a Thousand Blooming Flowers)
  • 千花繚乱の勲章
Currency earned from the Urgent Missions Sweltering Heat Maze and Decisive Battle with Earthworm. They can be used to buy Wares, most notably High Ampules.
  • Sun medal
  • Sun Medal
  • お日様勲章
Currency earned from the Whaleship stages. They can be used for Wares. In particular, some unique equipment can only be earned from the game this way.
  • Earned from Whaleship stages.
  • Purchased in the BC exchange.
  • Fragment2
  • 2* Aqua Fragment
  • (2* Aqua Shadow's Secret Stone Fragment)
  • ★2水影の秘石の欠片
Used in Equipment Synthesis to evolve personal equipment.
  • Fragment3
  • 3* Aqua Fragment
  • (3* Aqua Shadow's Secret Stone Fragment)
  • ★3水影の秘石の欠片
Used in Equipment Synthesis to evolve personal equipment.
  • Fragment4
  • 4* Aqua Fragment
  • (4* Aqua Shadow's Secret Stone Fragment)
  • ★4水影の秘石の欠片
Used in Equipment Synthesis to evolve personal equipment.
  • Fragment5
  • 5* Aqua Fragment
  • (5* Aqua Shadow's Secret Stone Fragment)
  • ★5水影の秘石の欠片
Used in Equipment Synthesis to evolve personal equipment.
  • Fragment6
  • 6* Aqua Fragment
  • (6* Aqua Shadow's Secret Stone Fragment)
  • ★6水影の秘石の欠片
Used in Equipment Synthesis to evolve personal equipment.

For-Gacha Currencies

Currencies used for gacha.

For-Gacha Currencies
Name Usage How to Get
  • Pgt piece
  • Premium Gacha Ticket Piece
  • プレミウムガチャチケット
You can trade 20 of these for a Premium Gacha Ticket in Wares.
  • You get four each time you roll a 100 yen once-a-day gacha using your credit card. It's an extra bonus which you simply don't get using other payment methods.
  • Premium gacha ticket
  • Premium Gacha Ticket
  • プレミウムガチャチケット
Lets you roll the Premium Gacha. The rarity ratios and available flower knights are unchanged.
  • Daily logins.
  • Campaign rewards.
  • Buyable in the Wares using various currencies.
  • Event rewards (usually one per event).
  • Danchou ticket
  • Danchou Ticket
  • (5*-and-up-Guaranteed Gacha Ticket)
  • ★5以上限定ガチャチケット(D)
Used in Gacha for a guaranteed, random 5-6*.
  • Character Seed
  • Gacha Seed
  • ガチャ種
Currency used to roll the Normal Gacha to get 2* to 4* characters.
  • Earned from almost all maps.
  • Equip seed
  • Equipment Gacha Seed
  • 装備ガチャ種
Currency used to roll the Equipment Gacha to get worthless Equipment.
  • Raid Bosses weaker than about level 40 drop them when defeated. The finder of the RB gets bonus items.
  • Mid equip seed
  • Mid-level Equipment Gacha Seed
  • 中級装備ガチャ種
Also currency used to roll the Equipment Gacha.
  • Dropped by strong RBs.
  • Refinable from equipment gacha seeds.
  • High equip seed
  • High-level Equipment Gacha Seed
  • 上級装備ガチャ種
Also currency used to roll the Equipment Gacha.
  • Dropped by strong RBs.
  • Refinable from mid-level equipment gacha seeds.
  • Omoide tane
  • Memory Seed
  • オモイデ種
Used in Gacha for Flower Memories.
  • Daily logins.
  • Certain login bonus Campaigns.
  • Bought from Wares using various currencies.
  • Completing various Quests.

From-Gacha Currencies

Currencies primarily gained from gacha.

From-Gacha Currencies
Name Usage How to Get
  • Danchou medal
  • Danchou Medal
  • 団長メダル
Used to buy Wares. In particular, some 5* danchou tickets and Serial Code characters can be bought with them.
  • Rainbow medal
  • Rainbow Medal
  • 虹メダル
Used in Wares to trade for any gacha 6* up to Jan 20,2020 (Event 131).
  • Rarity growth stone
  • Rarity Growth Stone
  • 虹の昇華石
Used for Rarity Growth.
  • Earned by rolling Premium Gachas with FS.
    • 1x rolls give 2 RG Stones.
    • 11x rolls give 22 RG Stones.

Useless Items

These items have no use.

Useless Items
Name Usage How to Get
  • Nushi medal
  • Master Medal
  • ヌシ討伐特別勲章
Lit. "a special medal for subjugating a master". It is planned to have a use in the future.
  • You get one for each master stage you clear.
  • Mother toubatsu tokubetsu kunshou
  • Mother Medal
  • マザー特別勲章
Lit. "a special medal for subjugating The Mother".
  • Earned by beating The Mother.
  • 727trophy
  • Nazuna Trophy
  • 727日感謝記念トロフィー
Lit. "a trophy commemorating (our) gratitude for (you) logging in for 727 days". It shows up in your Office when you earn it. 727 is a pun on Nazuna.
  • Earned automatically on your 727th login day. Doesn't need to be consecutive.
  • Promo lvupmarble
  • Source of Ability-Nurturing
  • アビ育成の源
Was used to level up Promotion Abilities. Now replaced by Subjugation Proofs.
  • Used to be earnable from Subjugations. No longer in the game.
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