A Mission / 任務 is one or more dungeons. Dungeons / ダンジョン are one or more stages. Stages / ステージ are what you do Subjugations in. Missions group and classify stages based on their difficulty, availability, cost, rewards, and other particulars of its stages.

Story Missions

Story Missions / ストーリー任務, let you progress through the game's main storyline. In the past, it was called Normal Missions / ノーマル任務, and it sometimes still gets called that in the weekly update notes. See Story Missions.

Special Missions


Special Tab

Special missions/dungeons appear under the Subjugation menu and are on the second tab from the left. The tab is labeled スペシャル. Special missions come in a couple varieties.

Urgent Missions

Urgent missions (緊急任務) typically involve only Events. Urgent missions are available for a limited time only.

Unique Missions

Unique missions (特殊任務) are missions that revolve around some particular aspect of the game. The most difficult maps in the game can usually be found here.

For general information, see Unique Missions. For information about some specific unique missions, see Aqua Shadow, Diary of a Girl Who Got Caught Into Trouble, or Nation Mission.

Standing Missions

Standing missions (常設任務) are available at all times. Currently, there are only two such missions: Request for Gifts and Zakuzaku Gold Rush. During some events, the dungeon for Manyus may also be available as a standing mission.

Zakuzaku Gold Rush


Standing Mission: Zakuzaku Gold Rush

Play Zakuzaku Gold Rush (ざくざくゴールドラッシュ) anytime of the week to earn a lot of gold for your stamina. It is a particularly easy dungeon which even newbies can clear so long as they have a strong friend. It used to be the Saturday Daily Mission, but it was promoted to a Standing Mission and Morimori Gold Rush took its place as the Saturday Daily Mission on March 18th, 2016. All data in this table comes from the Japanese Wiki.

Stage Medal Reward Stamina Gold (Efficiency) Gacha Seeds Exp (Efficiency) Chests
Beginner Two Flower Stones 25 2,000~3,175 (80.0~127.0) 0 49 (1.960) 0
Intermediate Two Flower Stones 50 8,100~10,680 (162.0~213.6) 0 100 (2.000) 0
Advanced Two Flower Stones 80 13,565~24,130 (169.6~301.6) 0 160 (2.000) 0

In Search of Presents


Standing Mission: In Search of Presents

Play In Search of Presents (贈り物を求めて) anytime during the week to earn gifts that can increase the affection of your flower knights. Increasing affection allows you to boost their stats, hear their voice clips, view their SD animations, and view their bedroom scenes. Players will probably earn enough gifts through Quests and Events after a short time playing the game to the point that this dungeon may become unimportant. All data in this table comes from the Japanese Wiki.
Stage Medal Reward Stamina Gold Gacha Seeds Exp (Efficiency) Chests
Beginner Two Flower Stones 25 58~ 132~ 49 (1.960) 1 (1% gifts)
Intermediate Two Flower Stones 50 ?~ ?~ 100 (2.000) 3 (1~2% gifts)
Advanced Two Flower Stones 80 ?~ ?~ 160 (2.000) 5 (1~3% gifts)

In Search for Blooming Elixirs


Standing Mission: In Search for Blooming Elixirs

In Search for Elixirs (開花の秘薬を求めて), you can earn elixirs required for blooming. There are dungeons for gold (金) and for rainbow (虹) elixirs.

Daily Missions

Daily Missions (曜日任務) are dungeons whose availability change with the date.

Manyu and Blum missions offer resources, but have terrible experience, gacha seed, and gold outputs. Mori Mori Gold Boost also has bad experience and seed outputs, but has a better average gold-to-stamina output than Zaku Zaku Gold Rush. Also see Ultimate Missions and Nation-Based missions.

Tokubetsu Mission

For lack of a better word, a special (tokubetsu) mission / 特別任務 is a specific type of special mission / スペシャル任務 which is only available for a short period of time.

Evolution and Blooming Materials

Special materials dungeon

Special (tokubetsu) mission: evolution and blooming materials dungeons / 特別任務 進化・開花素材ダンジョン is a set of dungeons that let you pick up materials needed for Evolution and/or blooming. All these dungeons cost 60 stamina.

Evolution and Blooming Materials Dungeons
Title Materials
世界花の花びらと開花の密薬 Petals and Blooming Medicines
紫の進化竜と開花鳥 Purple Blums and Fururus
黄の進化竜と開花鳥 Yellow Blums and Fururus
青の進化竜と開花鳥 Blue Blums and Fururus
赤の進化竜と開花鳥 Red Blums and Fururus

Ampule Dungeon

  • Life Ampule dungeon
  • Atk Ampule dungeon
  • Def Ampule dungeon

Ampule dungeons guarantee a specific type of Ampule from a chest each time you run it. On extremely rare occasions, you could get two Ampules. They were introduced during event 131, Many-Flowers Festival: Kaleido Chroma. One of the three dungeons would be available for almost every day. Each dungeon costs 120 stamina.

Nation-Based Mission

See Nation Mission.

Ultimate Mission

Ultimate missions

Ultimate Missions

Ultimate missions (極限任務) are challenging maps designed be completed by dedicated players. The day of the week determines which type-focused map is available.

  • Monday: Slash
  • Tuesday: Blunt
  • Thursday: Pierce
  • Friday: Magic

See Ultimate Mission.

Limited Missions

Limited Missions are missions that must be entered within a time period. See the main article for Limited Missions.

Whaleship Missions

The Whaleship is a special gameplay mode designed to make use of any and all knights you have raised and features some of the most difficult content in the game. See the main article for Whaleship.

Character Quests

Character quests are a type of subjugation, but they do not appear under the Subjugations menu. To avoid confusion, this section is added to inform readers of just that. Read the Character Quests page for more information.

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