Flower Knight Girl Wikia
Flower Knight Girl Wikia

The mobile version of FKG refers collectively to the DMM Store (Android), Google Play (Android) and iOS versions of the game. It has a completely different interface among other things with the browser version.

Platform Differences

Browser all-age
Browser R-18
Google Play
App Store
Has R-18 scenes No Yes Yes No No
Has date scenes Not Yet Not Yet Yes Yes Yes
Shares premium flower stones Yes Yes Yes No No
Shares free flower stones Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pictures made safe-for-work No No No Yes Yes?


If you register with FKG, your data will be linked between the browser versions and whatever mobile platform you've installed. The process varies with the versions you install.

For now, see Himeuta.

Premium Currency

Flower stone

Flower stones (FS), the game's premium currency, is divided into Paid FS / 華霊石(有償) and Free FS / 華霊石(無償). Buying paid FS will always have a cost of about 120 yen per 100 paid FS. Buying big bundles of FS gives you a percentage of free FS as a bonus. As mentioned in #Platform Differences, the free FS are shared between all platforms, but the paid FS are only shared between the platforms directly related to FKG's home platforms: DMM/FANZA. Otherwise, the paid FS get locked to the platform it was bought on.

Paid FS have an expiration date of 180 days after their purchase. Free FS do not. When using FS, paid FS are used up before free ones. Of the paid FS you'll use, the ones that will expire first (oldest) will be expended first.

532oo or 532(00) flower stones

For all in-game transactions using FS, the tens and ones digits are unused, so it is easiest to disregard the lower two digits. Dividing your held FS by 100 makes price calculations easier and even reverts the FS count to how it used to be before the smartphone versions were announced. The purpose of the two digits allowed FKG to sell FS at ~1 yen per 1 FS, so real currencies around the world could buy FS at a fair rate through platforms outside of DMM.