This is an organized representation of most of the modules used in this Wikia. Note that these should ideally all be automatically categorized in Category:Lua modules.


Purpose Module Template (Wrapper) Data Sources
Character data
Character cards Template:CharacterStat (Same as Character data sources)
Skill translations Module:Skill Template:SkillDescription Module:SkillList
Ability translations
Plant family translations
Event pages Module:Event/Data
Stage data Module:StageTable Template:ShowEventStage
Wares display
Equipment display & associations Module:Equipment Template:DisplayEquipTable
Artists Module:Artists Module:Artists/Data
Categories Module:Categories
Translation Module:Romanize Module:Names *
Quotes Template:Knightquote Module:KnightQuotes
Character Lists
Stability / Testing Module:UnitTest Template:UnitTest (Ideally all modules)
Template:AbilityUnitTest Module:Ability
Module:ScribuntoTest Template:ScribuntoTest
Editing Module:Utils
Other Module:MiscData

*TODO: Change Module:Names to Module:Names/Data.


In the same way the above table exists to help editors code in Scribunto, we also have a standard of adding Category:Errors to any pages producing wrong input. People can watch this page for issues. It is intended to show bugs made by editors.

Also, Category:Pages_with_script_errors is automatically generated by the Wikia for us. It shows pages where Lua modules have crashed. These are bugs made by the programmers.


This is the list of things that are going to replace other things. Ideally, this table will be empty and this section will be removed entirely.

Old New
Template:Eventshop Template:ShowWares