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Post-renewal nation mission announcement.

A nation mission / 国家限定任務 is a type of Unique Mission that gives a bonus for flower knights participating in subjugations for their own nation. You can identify what nation a flower knight belongs to by checking their info. Their background will show it. Alternatively, use the Character filter.

Home Nation Bonus

Nation bonus

Winter Rose characters marked.

Flower knights participating in subjugations for their home nation will get an attack bonus and you'll earn bond crystals for each flower knight in your own set. Characters of the home nation will be marked with a sword symbol.

Making a Nation-Based Set

Follow these steps to make nation-based set such that each team has balanced overall force.

  1. 01 set breakup

    Break up the set.

    Break up the set you are working on. This removes all characters except one from the set. Click on the teal button labeled Disband / 解散 to do this.
  2. 02 filter

    Choose filter.

    Click on the remaining character and go to the character selection screen. Filter the characters by nation. The screenshot demonstrates what filters apply to which nations. The brown dropdown box on the right which may or may not be labeled Filter / フィルター is the filter dropdown box.
  3. 03 sort

    Sort by decreasing overall force.

    Sort by decreasing overall force. The brown dropdown box on the left side which may or may not be labeled Sort / ソート is the sort dropdown box. Select the 2nd option from the top labeled Overall Force (Decreasing) / 総合力(降順).
  4. 04a choose

    Add characters.

    Continue adding characters to your set from top-to-bottom, then left-to-right (in other words, just move downwards). Select characters from the roster from left-to-right, then top-to-bottom (in other words, just move rightwards). When you are finished, your sets should have fairly balanced overall force.

Old Restrictions

国家防衛戦 TOP

Nations delineated by day of the week.

Up until April 16, 2018, nation missions only allowed characters from their own nation to participate in subjugations. This restriction did not apply to helpers. There was no bonus applied such as extra damage or bond crystals. Nation missions were a type of daily mission instead of a unique mission, and they only appeared on these days.

  • Monday: Winter Rose
  • Tuesday: Banana Ocean
  • Thursday: Blossom Hill
  • Friday: Bergamot Valley
  • Saturday: Lily Wood
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