Flower Knight Girl Wikia
Flower Knight Girl Wikia
Japanese Name
(Kanji and Furigana)
English Name Shepherd's Purse
Scientific Name Capsella bursa-pastoris
Family Brassicaceae
Hometown Spring Garden
Lily Wood
Hobby Singing
Age Otona-desu!
Birthday July 27th
Height 160cm
Weight 42kg
BWH Measurement Secret
Occupation Party Leader's Assistant
Language of Flowers I entrust it all to you.
I shall give my all to you.


I'm Nazuna, the Commander's assistant who helps with game navigation in Flower Night Girl ♪
I provide support with my all so that the Commander can comfortably have a adventure; pleasure to work with you!
I gladly look forward to the inauguration of the Commander who I have not yet met.
(From Game Character General Election 2015)

About her

The NPC who serves as the Flower Knight Leader's assistant. She will appear at the very start of the game in the tutorial to aid them in understanding the game concepts; she is also present in the Shop and Equipment Synthesis.

During The Day the Whale Flew in the Sky, Nazuna built the Whale Airship based on the blueprints left behind by the mad scientist who passed away years ago, while the crystal powering the airship is retrieved during Story Mission 40.

She is the first member of Seven Herbs Maiden Group to be introduced in-game during the game launch, nearly two years ahead of the members introduced during the Seven Herbs Hotspring Steam Incident event in 2017.

On July 27th 2018, a poll was held where the player can vote for Nazuna's costumes. Unlike the USO popularity poll which was held in April Fool's Day on 2017, this poll was held for several days until the end of July.


  • Her Flower Knight Character ID is 150303, which is reserved for her secretary voice lines.
  • Despite not being a playable unit, Nazuna has a "hurt" and "KO'ed" animation located in her SD file.
    • She also has a lunging animation.
  • Oddly enough, the animations where she's facing left are upscaled versions of those where she's facing right.
    • Although this is not noticible since the game resizes her on the fly.
  • During Christmas seasons, her SD changes to her Christmas SD.
  • Artist: Sennri Sabanegi


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