The Office (執務室) lets you do miscellaneous things. Access it by clicking the seventh button below the Home button.

World Map

Button-world map

World Map Button

The World Map ワールドマップ button lets you see the regions of Spring Garden and read about specific areas. The button is at the top of the page and has no icon.



Gifts Button

The Gift / 贈り物 button lets you give gifts to flower knights to boost their affection. The button has a teddy bear on it.



Reference Button

The Illustrated Reference Book / 図鑑 button lets you look at any character you've obtained so far. The button has a red book on it.

Serial Code

Button-serial code

Serial Code Button

Serial code banners

Serial Code Banners

The Serial Code / シリアルコード button lets you input serial codes to obtain prizes from outside of the game. The button has a sheet of paper with text on it.



Album Button

The Album / アルバム button lets you re-watch dialogs and animations. The button has an orange book on it.

Note: If you want to re-watch R-18 H scenes, you instead need to go to reference tab.

Album main
Story Missions
Album cq
Character Quests
Album event
Album whale
Album as
Aqua Shadow
Album makikomareta
Diary of a Girl Who Got Caught Into Trouble
Album nation
Nation Missions
Album theater
Flower Knight Theater
Announcements, advertisements, fake ads, swanboat race results, etc.



Item Button

The Item / アイテム button lets you see and use items and some currency. The button has a 50% Stamina Recovery Nectar on it. Double-clicking on an item lets you use it whereas double-clicking on currency takes you to the place where you can spend it.



Refining Button

Refining / 精製 allows you to produce items out of other materials. The Refining button has an anvil and mallet on it. In the Recipes column of the following table, bullet points denote the different ways you can create the item.

Refinable Items
Refinable Made From
20 Year Old Manyu (any attribute)
Small red manyu 20
  • Small red manyu 5
    5 y/o Manyu x3 (same attribute)
100 Year Old Manyu (any attribute)
Small red manyu 100
  • Small red manyu 20
    20 y/o Manyu x3 (same type)
Awakening Dragon Centy
  • Awakening Dragon Petite Centy
    Petite Centy x100
Shinka ryuu 20 year red icon
20 Year Old Blum
  • Shinka ryuu 05 year red icon
    5 y/o Blum x7 (same attribute)
Shinka ryuu 100 year red icon
100 Year Old Blum
  • Shinka ryuu 20 year red icon
    20 y/o Blum x7 (same attribute)
Bond Crystal
Bond crystal
  • 3* Power Rings x6
  • 4* Warrior's Rings x3
  • 2* Shield Bracelets x10
  • 3* Protection Bracelets x5
  • 2* Shield Necklaces x10
  • 3* Protection Necklaces x5
  • 3* Power Earrings x6
  • 4* Warrior's Earrings x3
Mid-Level Equipment Gacha Seed
Mid equip seed
  • Equipment Gacha Seeds x20
High-Level Equipment Gacha Seed
High equip seed
  • Mid-Level Equipment Gacha Seeds x15
Copper Personal Equipment Forge Spirit
Copper personal equip forge spirit
  • Copper Ring Forge Spirit x1
  • Copper Bracelet Forge Spirit x1
  • Copper Necklace Forge Spirit x1
  • Copper Earrings Forge Spirit x1
Silver Personal Equipment Forge Spirit
Silver personal equip forge spirit
  • Silver Ring Forge Spirit x1
  • Silver Bracelet Forge Spirit x1
  • Silver Necklace Forge Spirit x1
  • Silver Earrings Forge Spirit x1
Gold Personal Equipment Forge Spirit
Gold personal equip forge spirit
  • Gold Ring Forge Spirit x1
  • Gold Bracelet Forge Spirit x1
  • Gold Necklace Forge Spirit x1
  • Gold Earrings Forge Spirit x1
Blossoming Flower Award (Copper)
  • Nazuna's Special Cakes x50
  • Small gifts x50
  • Middle gifts x25
  • Big gifts x17
  • Special Services Award (Copper) x10
  • Special Services Award (Silver) x5
Blossoming Flower Award (Silver)
  • 100 Nazuna's Special Cakes x100
  • Small gifts x100
  • Middle gifts x50
  • Big gifts x33
  • Special Services Award (Copper) x20
  • Special Services Award (Silver) x10
3* Aqua Fragment
  • 2* Aqua Fragment x3
4* Aqua Fragment
  • 3* Aqua Fragment x4
5* Aqua Fragment
  • 4* Aqua Fragment x5
  • 6* Aqua Fragment x1
6* Aqua Fragment
  • 5* Aqua Fragment x6
RefinableMade From

Bonds Crystals Refining

Bonds crystal synth confirm

Bonds Crystals can be made from equipment that match the following conditions.

  • It must be level 1.
  • It can't be locked.
  • It can't be currently equipped.

The plus-modifier on the equipment (it can show +1 to +10) has no effect on the refinement process.

When you choose the type of equipment you want to make bonds crystals out of, you will be taken to a confirmation screen asking how many of the equipment to consume to make bonds crystals. You'll get 10 bonds crystals for every one of the recipes you can complete. If checked, the checkbox at the bottom lets you include +8 through +10 equipment in the refinement process. The checkbox's state will be retained.

In the example screenshot, 3 Warrior's Rings will be turned into 10 Bonds Crystals. The owned number of Warrior's Rings go from 27 -> 24.



Survey Button

The Survey / アンケート button lets you take part in questionnaires to give feedback to the Flower Knight Girl developers. The button is an unrolled parchment and a feather pen.

This button has been removed.



Download Button

Download resources

Download Screen

The Download / ダウンロード button lets you download game assets. The button is a chibi Nazuna bot next to a flower pot with an arrow pointing into it.

The big, cyan button lets you download the data. The red button lets you delete the downloaded data.

The assets you download seem to only be the SD sprites and animations used all over the game such as in battle or in the Garden. Downloading the same assets means that you don't need to download these things on the fly, so it can speed up load times and also give more stable gameplay for people with unreliable internet connections.

You will need to give Flash enough space to store all the data (over 800 MB) for this to work correctly. To do so, right click on the game and choose "Global Settings...". It will open a page at Macromedia's website. Choose "Global Storage Settings panel" and you can change the data limit from there.

Name Change

Name change button

Name change button

Name change popup

Name change popup with a sample 20 character, half-width name

The Name Change / 団長名変更 lets you change your display name across all linked platforms. If you started FKG from the Browser Version or the DMM Games Mobile Version, your display name would default to be your DMM username. If you started from either of the other Mobile Versions, you'd probably have to set your name ahead of time. Setting your name in any version will reflect the change across all versions. Names can be up to 20 half-width (ASCII) characters or 12 full-width characters.

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