This article lists the changing premium gachas in the game's gacha / ガチャ page. For information about gachas in general, or to see the gacha lineup that does not change, see Gacha. The premium gachas change often, so this page may be outdated. Although the price is the same, the browser version and DMM Store use DMM points, but the other Mobile Versions (Android's Google Play and iOS' App Store) use Japanese yen.

Special Gacha

The gacha tab is labeled special (特別) and will only be visible if gachas in this category are available. Rules for earning leader medals and rainbow medals apply here, but the difference is that they must be rolled with DMM points instead of flower stones. Any unmentioned gachas in this tab are probably listed in the permanent special gacha section.

Premium Gacha 1

This gacha tab is labeled added characters (追加キャラ). This tab always features the gacha characters from the Current Event.

Since October 1st, 2018, this gacha was changed to make it easier to obtain the featured characters. Rarity rates are boosted and the featured characters have twice the chance to appear. Note that you do not need to roll dupes for Strengthening Synthesis if you want to full spec the characters; you can buy their skill/equip flowers for flower stones in the Wares.

Rarity Rates

Featured: UsagigikuLamb's Ear (Easter)Black Baccara (Easter)

Premium Gacha 2

This tab features gacha characters from the reprint event during the first week of that event. During its second week, an unrelated lineup is shown.

This is currently an added bloomability gacha. The featured characters recently got blooming with features included.

Featured: StockPeperomiaGajumaru

Premium Gacha 3

This is currently a blooming reprint gacha. All 5/6* characters are guaranteed to have blooming with features.

Featured: SneezeweedFire LilyWater Dropwort

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