Rarity growth complete

Rarity growth completed for Aconite

Implemented on March 12th, 2018, Rarity Growth allows certain Flower Knights with gold (5*) rarity (or below) to be promoted to rainbow rarity (6*), granting extra ability and stat boost.


  • The flower knight must already have the Rarity Growth form implemented in-game.
  • The flower knight must be at her final evolution stage and maximum level.
  • A certain amount of Rainbow Growth Stones are required to perform the Rarity Growth.

After performing the Rarity Growth, the Flower Knight will be promoted to rainbow rarity. However, the knight's level, unlocked equipment slots, and skill level will be reset.

Required Rainbow Rarity Growth Stones
Target Character

If at Skill Lv 1, 1 Equip Slot

Reduction per Skill Lv Reduction per Equipment Slot If at Max Skill Lv, Max Equip Slots
5* character from a premium gacha 680 15 40 500
5* Event or Serial Code character 720 15 15 615
4* character 730 9 9 667
3* character 740 3 3 719
2* character 750 1 1 743


Rarity grown no dupe warning

Warning in orange text saying that fusing dupes has no effect.

Flower knights that undergo Rarity Growth will have their status, skill, and abilities change.

A bloomed 5-star character with rarity growth becomes a bloomed 6* character.

An evolved 2-4 star character that undergoes rarity growth can become a bloomed 6* character after doing blooming synthesis.

The tier progression and max level of the flower knights with rarity growth is as follows:

Evolution Tier by Rarity
Rarity 2-4★ 5★
Tier 1 Pre-Evolution
Tier 2 Post-Evolution
Tier 3 Rarity Grown (Evolved)
Tier 4 Rarity Grown (Bloomed)

Rarity grown characters will have their skill level and number of unlocked equipment slots reset to 1. Ampule boosts and leveled Promotion Abilities are preserved.

Rarity grown characters can only get their skill levels and equipment slots increased by using 6* skill/equipment flowers. You will no longer be able to get the benefits of synthesizing the rarity grown character with dupes, character-specific flowers, or characters with the same skill.

Obtaining Growth Stones

Rainbow Growth Stones / 虹の昇華石 can be obtained the following ways.

  • Trade for them with Commander Medals from the Wares.
  • Doing gacha rolls with flower stones. This typically implies Premium Gachas.
    • Doing a 1x roll gets you 2 stones.
    • Doing an 11x roll gets you 22 stones.

When the rarity growth system was implemented on 3/12/2018, everyone got an appropriate number of stones for rolls made between 12/24/2017 ~ 3/12/2018.

How To

Rarity growth button

Button to choose characters for rarity growth

Go to the evolution/blooming synthesis tab / 進化開花合成 and click on the teal button labeled rarity growth synthesis / レアリティ昇華合成. Choose a character to rarity grow. Use the filter to help you find a character.

Rarity growth selection

Choosing a character for rarity growth

Characters may be shown with text on this screen. They have the following meanings.

  • No text: Not yet ready to be rarity grown. Maybe their level is too low.
  • 昇華未対応 / Cannot be rarity grown. Their rarity grown form does not exist.
  • 昇華可能 / Can be rarity grown.
  • 進化後に昇華可能 / Can be rarity grown after evolving.
  • 開花後に昇華可能 / Can be rarity grown after blooming.
Rarity growth commence

If you have met the requirements, the button at the lower-right labeled undergo rarity growth synthesis / レアリティ昇華合成する will be clickable. This completes the process for rarity growing a character.

Upgradable characters

All new characters released since rarity growth was introduced are upgradable, and a new batch of old characters are updated every two weeks. It can be assumed that all knights should be able to achieve 6* status eventually.

See List of Rarity Growable knights to find out who is already able to undergo rarity growth.

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