Oncidium figure

Oncidium Figure

Serial Codes (シリアルコード) allow you to claim rewards related to Flower Knight Girl propaganda that exist or take place outside of the game. Serial codes can be inputted from the Office main menu by clicking on the button that has a sheet of paper with text on it.

Getting a Serial Code

  • Serial Code Banners
  • 2017 Serial Code
  • 2015 Serial Code

Serial codes are gotten in various ways. Some codes are publicly available for anyone to use. Other codes are intended to be used by an individual; these codes will be delivered to you privately and the code can only be used once.

The following methods earn you private, one-time use codes.

  • Applying for a code after an official, live Nico Nico Douga stream took place. You must be a premium Niconico member. However, you do not need to watch the stream to earn the code.
  • Buying certain products such as light novels (LN), manga, or figures.
  • Visiting Flower Knight Girl's Comiket booth.
  • Buying the Hanahime Absolute Pre-Release Special. This is no longer possible.
  • Other methods.

The following methods have publicly available codes that anyone can use.

  • Watching an official, live Nico stream. A public code is shown that usually earns you one or more 4* flower knights. You do not need to be a premium Niconico member. The code is input-able for a limited amount of time.
  • The DMM Games Tokyo Game Show 2015 and 2017 code is always available. Both of the TGS banners have four 100 year old Manyus on it as shown in the above screenshots.
    • Serial code for DMM Games Tokyo Game Show 2017 : 97W9 LX9G DXKR 66RK.
    • Serial code for DMM Games Tokyo Game Show 2015 : K1ZN DORK MLCF DALE.

Applying for Codes From Niconico Douga

If you are a Premium Niconico member, you have 24 hours after a live broadcast has aired to apply for serial codes. These broadcasts are always announced in banners below the game itself and/or in the official public Twitter. You do not need to watch or timeshift the live stream to apply for the code.

Follow these steps to apply for a code.

1. Go to the Nico Live Stream page. It should have the button for either requesting a time shift or viewing the video. An example URL of this is .

Nico live page

2. Scroll downwards and look for a banner that says something like 応募フォームはこちら / This is where the application form is. Click on it.

2 application form

3. It opens a new page. Scroll downwards and look for a text box saying メールアドレス / E-mail address. Put your email address into it and click on the large button.

3 mail address

4. You are not done yet. This page asks to confirm your application. Click on the red button at the bottom-right labeled この内容で応募する / Apply with these contents.

4 confirm mail

5. You are now done applying. You will see a page like this which means you have sent in your application.

5 application accepted

6a. Many months later, sometime before the next Nico Live of the same series, you should get an email with your code. There will not be a place to input it yet.

6b. The code may be sent to your Niconico notifications instead of your email. You will not get an email notification that the serial code is waiting for you!

7. After some maintenance, possibly the one directly after a Nico Live, the input area for the serial code will be in the Office under the Serial Code tab. The email should tell you which banner to click on to input your code.

Remember that the code is only usable once. If you give the code to someone else, then the code will become invalid for you the moment they use it.

List of Serial Code Characters

The following characters come from serial codes or methods outside of Gacha. The flower knights listed here are only available through serial codes. They are not earnable using other means such as rolling the gacha, using a seal stone, or using a trade ticket. They are typically weaker then flower knights from gacha or events.

Premium Niconico Douga Characters

By having a paid subscription to Niconico Douga after a Nico Live (ニコ生) has gone on, you can earn one or all of these girls at once.

Light Novels

These products give you 5* characters. They are ordered by release date.

  1. フラワーナイトガール ―リュウゼツランの咲く夜に―  gives Agave.
  2. フラワーナイトガール ‐雪降る町のトリカブト‐ gives Monkshood.
  3. フラワーナイトガール ―ネリネと常夏の楽園都市― gives Devil's Claw.
  4. フラワーナイトガール -ペポと風谷の財宝伝説- gives Japanese Chloranthus.
  5. フラワーナイトガール ―騎士学校にオナモミ王女の革命を!― gives Rough Cocklebur.
  6. フラワーナイトガール ―ハバネロ隊長と六花の芸術交流祭― gives Habanero.
  7. フラワーナイトガール ―ヤクノヒナホシと嵐を呼ぶボートレース― gives Yamashitae.
  8. フラワーナイトガール 古代の花園へ gives Trifoliate.
  9. フラワーナイトガール 魔女とメイドと古代のバナナ gives Welwitschia.
  10. フラワーナイトガール 紅き宝石と古代のダンスパーティー gives Cranberry.

Other Books

These products give you 5* characters.

These products give you equipment.

Comiket Sets

FKG booths at Comiket had sold some special sets that included a serial code for a unique character.

Other Things

  • 5* Anri (Rue Anemone) came from the collaboration with Girl's Symphony, another game by the parent company of Flower Knight Girl: YourGames. She can now be bought in the Clearing House.

These products give you equipment.

  • The 1/7th Size Oncidium Figure gets you a 4* ring. Caution: The Amazon JP page claims that the code will not work outside of Japan. (Dis)trust at your own risk.

Buying Products Overseas

As a Wikia catered to non-Japanese speakers, the audience is not expected to live in Japan and have quick access to stores with products that have serial codes. This is a walkthrough of how to buy a light novel from overseas and get the serial code that it comes with.

  1. Register at Buyee.
  2. Install "Add to Buyee" for your browser.
  3. Make an account at Amazon JP.
  4. Add the product(s) to your cart using Buyee. Caution: "New" products come with serial codes, but "Used" products probably have their one-time use serial codes used. Also, digital copies of books do not come with serial codes.
  5. Buy the product(s).
  6. When the product arrives at your place, find the serial code that comes with the product. At the back of the light novel, locate a smaller page that is flipped over upon itself. Note: Japanese books are read from right-to-left.
  7. Cut along the scissor marks. The inside of the page contains the serial code.
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