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The Shop (ショップ) is where you can buy things with your currency.


  1. Purchase Flower Stones (華霊石購入). You can buy flower stones with DMM points. They expire in 180 days.
  2. Heal Stamina (スタミナ回復). Heal stamina with 1 flower stone. The healing amount equals your max stamina; it stacks with your current stamina. For example, say your stamina is 75/200. You'd heal 200 stamina and end up with 275/200.
  3. Heal Raid Points (レイドポイント回復). Heal all of your raid points with 1 flower stone.
  4. Character Possession Expansion (キャラクター所持数拡張). Lets you store 5 more characters on the Character Management screen with 1 flower stone.
  5. Equipment Item Possession Expansion (装備アイテム所持数拡張). Lets you store 5 more equipment/Forge Fairies on the Equipment screen with 1 flower stone.
  6. Written Request to a Masterful Gardener (スゴウデ庭師への依頼状). Lets you buy this currency required for buying certain Garden props. It costs 100 DMM Points (Not available on mobile version).


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