This module shows all characters in a table. The type of table is defined by the method you pass. This template uses Module:DisplayCharacterList.


{{CharList | method=XXX | arg1=XXX | arg2=XXX}}


Assigning the method argument changes how the table is displayed drastically. It makes the module call an entirely different method.


method = basic is for List of Flower Knights and all its variants. This was the old way the Wikia used to list the flower knights.

It has one required argument: rarity. It is the rarity of the characters to show.


method = by_id is for List of Flower Knights by ID. It takes no other arguments.

By Icons

method = by_icons is for List of Flower Knights by Icon. It takes no other arguments.


method = comprehensive is for Comprehensive Knight List and all its variants. It has a lot of arguments. It takes these arguments.

Argument Effect Example
rarity A comma-separated list of integers you WANT. If empty, returns all rarities. rarity=5,6 gets 5 and 6-star girls.
nation A comma-separate list of nations you WANT. If empty, returns characters from all nations. nation=Winter Rose,Blossom Hill gets characters from WR and BH.
attr A comma-separated list of words you WANT. If empty, returns all attributes. attr=slash,blunt gets all slash and blunt girls.
show_event If set, shows event characters. Default: true. show_event = 1 sets it to true.
show_skins If set, shows skin-only characters. Default: false. show_skins = 1 sets it to true.
show_gacha5 If set, shows 5* gacha characters. Default: true. show_gacha5 = 0 sets it to false.
also_show_others If set, shows "other" characters like those from Serial Codes instead of gacha or event. Default: false. also_show_others = 1 sets it to true.
only_show_others If set, ONLY shows "other" characters. This overrides most other options. Default: false. only_show_others = 1 sets it to true.
show_post_rg If set, shows the highest possible evolution tier for a character. If not set, shows the highest possible evolution tier attainable without rarity growing. See the the table in this comment. Default: true. show_post_rg = 0 sets it to false.
also_show_pre_rg If set, shows the second-highest evolution tier possible WITHOUT rarity growth ALONGSIDE the highest tier AFTER rarity growth. If "show_post_rg" is not set, this arg is ignored. If enabled, this makes the output very big! Default: false. also_show_pre_rg = 1 sets it to true.
has_rg If set, only shows characters if they have Rarity Growth.

If the behavior doesn't match the documentation here, refer to the code itself because the docs may be outdated.

Evolution Tier Shown

show_post_rg and also_show_pre_rg behave according to the following chart.

Evolution Tier Shown
Rarity Rarity Growable? Bloomable? Notes
Yes No Yes No
6* 3 2 6*s can't rarity grow.
5* 4 3 2
4* 4 2 X X Rarity growth unlocks tiers 3&4 for 2-4*s.
3* 4 2 X X
2* 4 2 X X


If there's a problem with the output, here are some possibilities.

  • The data in Module:CharacterNames is incorrect. A user should fix it.
  • The data in Module:MasterCharacterData is not updated yet. Wait for an administrator to update the page using the Python scripts at GitHub using User:NazunaBot.
  • The data is updated on the Lua modules, but the list pages themselves have not processed the new output. Either wait for the page(s) to update, refresh the page and bypass the cache, use ?purge=1 at the end of the URL, or do an Edit on the page without changing anything.


Code Meaning
Undefined (default) behavior.
Use the Basic method to display all 6*s. Result.
Use the By ID method to display all characters. Result.
{{CharList | rarity=5 |
show_event=1 | show_gacha5=0 |
show_others=0 | show_post_rg=1 |
Use the Comprehensive method to display only event 5*s. Result.
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