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The Archaeologist and Hero Apprentice / 考古学者と英雄見習い is event number 163. As the featured event, it was a Raid Boss event.

  • Featured period: 4/19/2021 to 4/30/2021

The ???[Edit] series of limited edition Equipment such as ???[Edit] Ring (常冬の指輪) were introduced.

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Event Party

Threeleaf ArrowheadLeucophyllumDill
Guest party name: GUEST_PARTY_NAME


Crystal Fragments

Snow Field Crystals

As the featured event, earn Snow Field Crystals / 雪原のクリスタル by beating event raid bosses and trade them for goods in the Shop. Earn Crystal Fragments / クリスタルの欠片 from panels in the event stages and use them to summon raid bosses.

Panel Item
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Event Screen

Event Screen

The event screen can be accessed from the banner on the Home Screen or the banner in the Special tab for Subjugations.

Raid Boss Specifics

See: Event Raid Boss.


The following quests are available during the featured event period. The conditions are only clearable by participating in this event's dungeon.

English Japanese Condition Reward
Urgent United Front Request #1 緊急共闘要請 その1 Have one fight with an event Raid Boss. Earrings Forge Spirit (Copper)
Urgent United Front Request #2 緊急共闘要請 その2 Have three fights with event Raid Bosses. Ring Forge Spirit (Copper)
Urgent United Front Request #3 緊急共闘要請 その3 Have six fights with event Raid Bosses. Necklace Forge Spirit (Copper)
Urgent United Front Request #4 緊急共闘要請 その4 Have 12 fights with event Raid Bosses. Bracelet Forge Spirit (Copper)
Urgent United Front Request #5 緊急共闘要請 その5 Have 18 fights with event Raid Bosses. LC x1
English Japanese Condition Reward
Seize a Powder Snow-ing Lightly 軽くコナユキングを捕獲 Defeat one boss from an elementary level stage (E1 or E5). Fragments x1, Crystals x10
Seize a Powder Snow-ing Appropriately 適当にコナユキングを捕獲 Defeat two bosses from a mid level stage (E2 or E6). Fragments x2, Crystals x15
Seize a Powder Snow-ing at Full Force 全力でコナユキングを捕獲 Defeat three bosses from a high level stage (E3 or E7). Fragments x6, Crystals x45
Seize a Powder Snow-ing at Super Full Force 超全力でコナユキングを捕獲 Defeat five bosses from a top level stage (E4 or E8). Fragments x15, Crystals x80

Panel Missions

Panel Missions

These special quests are available for during the featured event period. EC is short for Event Character.

Obtain the EC Get the EC to 100% Affection Get an equip flower for the EC
Get a skill flower for the EC Trade Wares with event currency Summon an RB
Summon three RBs Summon five RBs Summon seven RBs


Elementary 1

Stage Screenshot
Version Medal Reward Stamina Exp (Efficiency) Chests Panel Currency
Featured 0% aff event 5*, 99% aff event 5* 10 165 (16.500) 2 Random 1
Reprint Seal Stones x10 10 0 (0.000) (Seal Stones x9) x2
Re-reprint Re-Seal Stones x10 10 0 (0.000) (Re-Seal Stones x18) x2

Intermediate 1

Stage Screenshot
Version Medal Reward Stamina Exp (Efficiency) Chests Panel Currency
Featured FS x7oo, Key x10 20 255 (12.750) 3 Random 3
Reprint Seal Stones x20 20 0 (0.000) (Seal Stones x13) x2, Seal Stones x12
Re-reprint Re-Seal Stones x20 20 0 (0.000) (Re-Seal Stones x13) x3

High Class 1

Stage Screenshot
Version Medal Reward Stamina Exp (Efficiency) Chests Panel Currency
Featured FS x7oo, Key x10 40 325 (8.125) 3 Random, LC x2 5
Reprint Seal Stones x30 40 0 (0.000) (Seal Stones x19) x2, (Seal Stones x20) x2
Re-reprint Re-Seal Stones x30 40 0 (0.000) (Re-Seal Stones x20) x4

Top Class 1

Stage Screenshot
Version Medal Reward Stamina Exp (Efficiency) Chests Panel Currency
Featured PGT x1, Danchou Medal x1 60 360 (6.000) 4 Random, LC x6 9
Reprint Seal Stones x50, FS x1oo 60 0 (0.000) (Seal Stones x33) x5
Re-reprint Re-Seal Stones x50, FS x1oo 60 0 (0.000) (Re-Seal Stones x11) x5

Challenge Dungeon: 1st Half

Challenge Stage


Stage Screenshot
Version Medal Reward Stamina Exp (Efficiency) Chests Panel Currency
Featured FS x2oo, Petite Centy x8 0 0 None
Reprint 0 0
Re-reprint 0 0

Challenge Dungeon: Daily

Ultimate Class: Challenge Stage

極限級 チャレンジステージ

Stage Screenshot
Version Medal Reward Stamina Exp (Efficiency) Chests Panel Currency
Featured Skip Tickets x15 0 0 33
Reprint 0 0
Re-reprint 0 0

Event Scripts

A Survey Request from a Reporter

A group of people have come to Winter Rose to investigate the rumours surrounding “The Hidden Ruins of the Great Sage Dyne”. The archaeologist Dill, along with the local Leucophyllum happen to meet the sisters Threeleaf Arrowhead and Giant Arrowhead as they travel across the vast Northern snowfields.

A Survey Request from a Reporter

The frozen land of Winter Rose. There are many unexplored, undeveloped and unknown locations hidden in the wilderness, which is much harsher than other countries. At times, there are whispers concerning strange rumours....

--Winter Rose, Town Centre, in a rustic teahouse--

Danchou: The Hidden Ruins of the Great Sage Dyne?

Reporter: Yes, that's right! Maybe it's there, maybe it isn't!

Dill: Wh-which is it? Are they there? Are they not?

Reporter: Well, I don't really know about that. So, that's what I want to find out, and that's why I asked everyone to investigate!

Leucophyllum: I'm sorry it's in such a far away place, Danchou-kun. But we wouldn't be able to perform such a large scale investigation without your help, so you've saved us.

Also, to the scholar from Lilywood. Thank you for coming. I'm amazed it's someone so young. We're counting on you.

Dill: Yes! I hope you can rely on me as an “archaeologist”.

Leucophyllum: Fufu, understood. Well then, Ms. Reporter, we're counting on you to detail the request.

Reporter: Yes, of course! I'll explain while you look over these documents, but because I can't go with you, I'll leave them for you to take along with you.

Dill: Huh, you're not coming along?

Reporter: Well, it looks really dangerous. As an ordinary civilian, I can only patiently await your report. I write articles, and that's how I live my life.

Dill: Is that so...? Yeah, that's the normal way... Dill-san was once an ordinary civilian too a long time ago...

Reporter: Well then everyone, I'll leave it to you! I'll wait for the good news!

Ah, oh yeah! While I'm doing my research, could you please keep my presence here a secret from the locals?

Well, there isn't really any special or deep reason for it, but...If they find out you're working at the request of a reporter, they get the feeling something shady's going on, don't they? When they get that feel, they'll just be bothering you for more and more info♪

Dill: ...She was like a living storm

Leucophyllum: Honestly, there's a lot I don't know, but I do like that can-do attitude.

Well, fellow investigators, why don't we introduce ourselves one more time? I'm Leucophyllum, a Flower Knight of Winter Rose. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Dill: I'm Dill, an archaeologist from Lilywood. I was invited by the Knight Commander. Thank you for meeting me.

...Also, for the time being, I'm a Flower Knight. But I would like your help with fighting the pests as much as possible. Dill-san came here to work as an archaeologist, you see.

Leucophyllum: I knew it. A fighting archaeologist... Yeah, that's pretty cool.

Dill: N-no. Dill-san can't really fight...

???: Ah, Danchou.

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Yoohoo, it's been a while. How are you? Woo woo.

Giant Arrowhead: Hello. Meeting in such a strange place... And with such a large group, are you on a job?

Threeleaf Arrowhead: I thought so... Danchou, and everyone, what are you up to? Please tell Ku.

If option 1, “It's a secret mission” is chosen;

Giant Arrowhead: *Gulp*, a s-secret mission...

If option 2, “We're inspecting hidden ruins” is chosen;

Dill: What? Danchou? Can we tell them?

Leucophyllum: Well, it doesn't really matter. There's nothing to hide. So...

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Oooh... Isn't that too dangerous...? I'm sure Adenium-sama is also...

Danchou, Danchou. Ku wants to come on this job. When on a trip, having a companion, what do you think?

Giant Arrowhead: If Ku-chan is going, so am I!

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Big sis, are you sure? It's a little sudden, so Ku's worried.

Giant Arrowhead: That's meant to be my line! Ku-chan's worried, so I better come along!

Leucophyllum: By the way Danchou-kun, who are these girls? They seem to know you.

...Fumu, Lotus Lake Flower Knights. If that's the case, there's no problem. They can definitely come along.

Dill: Are you sure? For Dill-san, it's a good thing if more people can dome that can fight pests, but...

Leucophyllum: That reporter never said it wasn't allowed. You also said you wanted more manpower, didn't you? So if they're willing to join in, I'd be grateful too.

We-ell, something will work out. Sometimes, actions are louder than words. Well then, let's get everyone together and head off.

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Woo. You can leave it to Ku, Woo woo.

A Scholar's Research Support

Upon arriving at a village as described by the reporter, the party meet a scholar who is researching ancient texts. It seems that in the descriptions of something resembling a fairy tale, the route to the hidden ruins can be found...

A Scholar's Research Support

--Winter Rose, Northern Snowfields--

Leucophyllum: ...I see. Threeleaf Arrowhead-chan and Giant Arrowhead-chan are looking for this person called Adenium, and so you came this far.

Giant Arrowhead: Yeah, that's right. Although I'm mostly just looking after Ku-chan.

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Adenium-sama is everyone's hero. Ku-chan heard that she had travelled all the way to Winter Rose on a secret mission.

So I'm sure that Adenium-sama is also looking for those ruins. Ku knows, woo woo.

Leucophyllum: Mmhmm, woo woo, right? You seem to have a lot of faith in Adenium-san.

Ku-chan... Wouldn't it be nice if you gave your big sister the same respect as you have for Adenium-san...? There, there...

Dill: Anyway, she readily accepted this request. Is she an archaeologist like Dill-san?

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Huh? Dill-chi, what do you mean? What strange thing is Adenium-sama...?

Dill: Just as Leucophyllum was saying. We're not out on a Flower Knight mission, but at the individual request of a reporter...

Leucophyllum: Aah, no, I said we wouldn't be able to act as such a large group, but it was actually a command from the upper ranks of the Knight Company. One of the officers was interested rather than concerned so said “Because it's regarding information about the Sages, we'll keep it off the books.”

First, we need to confirm the truth. Ultimately, if it's only rumours, then that's fine. Or if it is indeed true, we will need to recruit more staff. That's about the gist of it.

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Mm-hmmhmm, I understand.

Giant Arrowhead: Ku-chan, did you understand that explanation?

Threeleaf Arrowhead: ...I got the nuance?

Leucophyllum: So even though there have been no official orders, I thought I'd like to go and see. It's kind of exciting to think there are hidden ruins.

Dill: Oh. Is Leucophyllum-san also interested in archaeology?

Leucophyllum: My motto is “Those who enjoy life are the winners”. Well, I'm not good at classrooms and lectures, but I love this kind of field work.

...And, it's about time for us to see a village. Let's start there with gathering information while not mentioning the reporter.

--Winter Rose, Northern Snowfield Village--

Scholar: ...The Hidden Ruins of the Sage Dyne? Where did you hear about that?

Leucophyllum: Just heard it on the wind. So, as I was asking the villagers, they said that you, the only scholar, might know something about it, so...

Scholar: ...I'm not sure if they're the ruins of Dyne. But, I've been doing research on something similar. For so many years, I've focused on...

Dill: If you don't mind, could you tell us the details of your findings? Dill-san was also originally an archaeologist.

Scholar: ...Everything is from ancient texts. I found some ancient things that no one knows about...

There's the “Silver Caves”, the “Laughing Ice Road”, and the “Brilliant Hero sleeping in the Deep”... There were many other phrases used, but I thought it was all just a myth or a fable.

But in fact, I later realised that they were coded texts that showed the way to “a certain place” that actually existed. But whether it's Dyne's Hidden Ruins or not...

Dill: ...Dill-san thinks that there is a possibility it's true after hearing that story.

For example, the “Silver Caves” are the ruins themselves. The “Brilliant Hero sleeping in the Deep” can be seen a little way from this village, and leads to the source of power sealed in that ice wall... Maybe.

The fact that they used coded texts to obscure the route is something the Sages would have done. In fact, Lilywood's Sage used surprising ways to hide things in their literature too.

Scholar: Y-yeah... That would be great if it was so...

Leucophyllum: You said you've been studying this for years, but if the texts are more like a map, have you actually gone there?

Scholar: No, never. There are pests there, so I've been unable to do a field survey by myself. There aren't any Flower Knights that reside in this village, and I haven't been able to make a request to any outside groups...

Leucophyllum: Then, it's lucky for you we came along. Investigating, fighting, escorting... Well, as long as it isn't reckless, we should have enough people. Why not come with us, Scholar-san?

Scholar: ...But, what if there's nothing there?

Leucophyllum: “Such a shame”, we just say that and go home. That's all.

Scholar: We might die from a dangerous pest attack.

Leucophyllum: We won't due if we work hard. If we can't win, we can run away.

Dill: Ah, Dill-san will definitely save you.

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Eh-, that's not allowed. Ku will kill all of the bad pests, all of them.

Giant Arrowhead: Ku-chan, your big sister's here too! In case of an emergency, please rely on me!

Leucophyllum: See, everyone is fully motivated. Also, this here Danchou-kun is the strongest one in all of the Knight Companies. If you miss this opportunity, you might never get the chance to try it again, right?

Scholar: ...B-but...

Leucophyllum: Mmhmm, you haven't decided yet...? Then, let's decide with a coin toss.

Scholar: Eh?

Leucophyllum: Heads, you come with us, and tails, we leave you behind … How about it? I call this technique “Leave it to Coin-sama!” With this, we'll have a quick decision.

Dill: Is this OK? To leave a coin to decide such an important issue?

Leucophyllum: You don't always need a reason. Should I go, should I not? That's all there is to it.

If you just sit and worry, the sun will be gone. Just thinking of excuses to not go... Then suddenly, so many years have passed by, no?


Leucophyllum: Don't look so scared. I could tell you about so many similar experiences.

So, the first thing to do is make a decision. Whether for the better, or the worse, we need to move forward. At the very least, the clouds in your mind will disappear, right?

Scholar: ...I understand. I'm fine with this.

Leucophyllum: Then it's decided. So we'll...flip!

The Silver Cave

Due to the results of the coin toss, the Scholar joins the investigation. While defeating pests, and solving the mysteries of the texts, the party climbs a steep path and finally discovers the “Silver Cave”.

The Silver Cave

--Winter Rose, North of the Snowfieds--

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Kuwaa, rest in peace.

Pest: KishaaaA

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Yay, I beat it. Woo woo.

Dill: ...I've been curious about this for a while, but what's this “Woo woo” that you keep saying, Threeleaf Arrowhead-chan?

Giant Arrowhead: There's no special meaning. It's just a bit of a habit.

Leucophyllum: Mmhmm... Contrary to her appearance and behaviour, she's actually quite talented. Of course, Giant Arrowhead-chan is too.

Also, Dill too. Although you say you're bad at fighting, you move quite well.

Dill: I-I wish you wouldn't compliment me. Dill-san fights only through force majeure.

Scholar: This is the first time I've come this far... At this rate, I can actually manage to discover the secrets hidden in the texts...

Dill: Where should we go from here? At first glance, it looks like it's a dead end...

Scholar: I know how to proceed. Umm, according to the texts... “Create a hole in the earth that leads to heaven”. “First is white, next is purple, then finally yellow”...

It seems like there are coloured flower petals that are lined up between the holes in the ground, and the holes in the walls or ceiling. There must be a hole like that somewhere?

If option 1, “Inspect the snowy ground” is chosen;

After a quick search of the snowy ground.

...A woman's jacket is found.

Giant Arrowhead: Waa! Leucophyllum-san, what are you doing!?

Leucophyllum: Aa, excuse me. I got a bit sweaty in that last battle. I thought I'd just strip down and wipe if off...

Scholar: Th-this isn't the time to be doing that... I mean, Danchou-san is here...

Leucophyllum: I don't care about that! This lady doesn't like being restricted! Be it clothes, or common sense!

Giant Arrowhead: What are you saying all of a sudden?!? Either way, get dressed quickly! Also, you're not allowed to look this way, Danchou-san!!

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Ah, I've found a hole in the ground

Dill: Dill-san's found a hole in the wall... But, I'll just wait until everything over there's calmed down.

If option 2, “Check out the walls and ceiling” is chosen;

After a quick check of the walls and ceiling.

...A small hole is found high up in the wall.

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Danchou, pick me up, pick me up. Ku also wants to see inside that hole.

OOoh... this is impressive... Big Sis, you should do it too.

Giant Arrowhead: Eh, get picked up by Danchou-san!? N-no, I don't think that would be appropriate...

Threeleaf Arrowhead: It's fine, it's fine, I don't mind. Or should Ms. Scholar go first?

Scholar: Of course I'm interested in what's inside the hole...Eh, I'm kidding, I'm kidding, it was a joke Danchou-san, it's all fine! Being picked up like that is embarrassing at my age...!

Leucophyllum: ...Hey, Dill. Do you think Danchou-kun would pick me up too?

Dill: Huh, I don't know... Ah, look at this hole in the ground.

Scholar: ...Yes, with that, all preparations are complete. If the texts are correct, I think something will happen...

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Ah, a tiny insect has come out of the hole in the ground. Where are you going? Where?

It came out the hole... Following the petals... And went into the hole in the wall...It's gone. Badun...

Ooh, oooh? So-something's happening.

Giant Arrowhead: Th-the rock wall opened by itself!?

Dill: Perhaps it's a hidden door. There must be a mechanical switch in the hole in the wall, and I think those helpful insects operate it.

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Oh. Helpful insects, how amazing. Nice, nice.

Leucophyllum: That's definitely a path that you wouldn't find without knowing about it. Let's move on.

Scholar: This is, the Silver Cave... This place is actually real...

Dill: Isn't that great, Scholar-san. But...

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Mumumu. Signs of pests, woo woo. Were they hiding in this place.

Giant Arrowhead: Ku-chan, if it gets dangerous, leave it to your big sister! They'll definitely be stronger that the pests we've already faced...!

Dill: What should we do, Scholar-san? Even without pests, the temperature and terrain are harsh, perhaps there's traps too...

Scholar: I'll stick together with you as I have. If I get scared here, my life's research will never be completed. If I did that, I'd never be able to face that person.

Dill: That person?

Scholar: I have a younger sister. A younger sister who left the village many years ago to chase her dream of working in the city.

I was also invited at that time, but there was something that we both couldn't give up. I have to unravel the mysteries of these texts. My sister wanted to become a beloved reporter...

We promised each other that we wouldn't meet again until those goals came true. So that's why in order to meet my sister, just to do that, I have to complete my research.

Dill: Is that the case? That's really...

Scholar: She's a go-getter, much like Leucophyllum, and has a lot of creativity, so with a lot of effort, she quickly made her dream come true. Compared to that, I'm a...

…I also want to have the same pride as her. But I'm just a scholar stuck in the countryside, but I still want to achieve something that I can report to her...

I'm sorry. This research, and the reason, are both selfish.

Giant Arrowhead: Not at all! I fully understand that feeling! As an older sister, I also want to show my little sister my good points!

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Ooh. Big sis, I'm fired up now. Ku also can't afford to lose.

Scholar: Fufu, thanks. We're just like you two... No, it's too early to talk about that. I'll do my best from here, so I can make it happen.

Leucophyllum: Well then, will insects come out, or will it be ruins...? Operation “Capture the Silver Cave” starts in full now.

The Archaeologist and the Hero Apprentice

The Scholar thanks the party for coming so far, saying that whatever the result, the promise with her sister will be fulfilled. Finally, they reach the deepest parts of the cave, where they find a mysterious crystal, but a swarm of pests appear to stand in their way.

The Archaeologist and the Hero Apprentice

--Winter Rose, Silver Cave--

Leucophyllum: Fuu... We've made a lot of progress and it keeps getting colder. Look, I can see my breath. At means I won't be able to take of my clothes.

Giant Arrowhead: Please don't take off your clothes. If there's a chance like before... Ku-chan will start to imitate you.

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Everything's so strange. It feels like a huge adventure.

Dill: With so many gimmicks to hide the path, the possibilities of some great truth are increasing. There might really be the Hidden Ruins of Dyne...

Scholar: Everyone, I'm truly thankful. Even if I was a strong Flower Knight like everyone here, I still don't think I'd have come this far by myself.

...Honestly, I was scared. What if all the years I've spent researching and what I'm really passionate about turned out to be just a devil or a myth...?

But, If I stood and did nothing, nothing would change. Whether I'm faced with the truth or lies, I'll keep moving, even when I'm stopped.

Dill: You've become pretty optimistic. Just as Leucophyllum-san said, it's better to get rid of your doubts.

Scholar: Yes. Certainly, Leucophyllum-san's words got to me. But your influence was also great, Dill-sensei.

Dill: Eh, s-sensei?

Scholar: Yes. You might be a lot younger as me, but you're an archaeologist, and above that, a Flower Knight... That's something most people can't do.

Dill: I-I was meant to come on this investigative mission as an archaeologist, and not actually as a Flower Knight...

Scholar: Ara, I'm even more amazed. You've jumped into a world where you don't know anything and have allowed new talents to bloom.

Dill: Fugugu... I'm being complimented, but something feels wrong with it... All of Dill-san's like, I've had this feeling...

Leucophyllum: ...Hmm, it's a fork in the road. What should we do? Decide by a coin toss?

Scholar: No, we don't go down either one. “There are three roads to the dragon, the bright ones lead to the abyss, and twilight leads to the core”... To put it simply, those two paths are fake, and the correct path is hidden somewhere...

Dill: ...Ah! It's dark, so it's hard to notice, but there's a path that leads up!

Scholar: Apparently, this should be the last... Let's go.

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Uu...Brr. It's cold, cold. Help me, big sis.

Giant Arrowhead: Yes yes. I'll give you a big hug, come here.

Threeleaf Arrowhead: *Hug*♪

Giant Arrowhead: ...But with that, this doesn't feel like a “ruin” at all. Maybe there's still a little further to go...?

Scholar: No, this is the deepest part. Look, that's...

Leucophyllum: That's... a crystal? But, I've never seen this kind of thing in Winter Rose...

Dill: Perhaps this is the last mystery of the ancient texts... The “Brilliant Hero sleeping in the Deep”?

Scholar: Yeah, It definitely seems like it! I'd like to get closer to inspect it further, but...

???: \\\\\Hiaaaaakushon!!!!/////

Scohlar: Uu, Achoo....Wh-what? This stupid sneeze is...

Pest: Uiiikushon!!!! Uiiikushon!!!!

Bueekushon!!!! Chiikushon!!!!


Threeleaf Arrowhead: Ooh, The pests are cold too. But we can't hug the pests. Just lie Adenium-san would, I'll take good care of you.

Giant Arrowhead: There's a pest in the back giving off a huge amount of cold air! If we defeat it, this cold might subside a little!

Leucophyllum: Well, that gives me even more reason to beat it. So I can feel comfortable when taking off my clothes!

Dill: There are other reasons to fight for!


The scholar and reporter, two sisters that had been separated, are now reunited after several years after the Danchou's suggestion. The truth behind the rumours and the texts was disappointing, but the mood of the party after the investigation was bright and refreshing.


Dill: Ha...Ha... Leucophyllum-san wasn't fighting seriously, so it meant that Dill-san had to...

Leucophyllum: Fufufu. My “How to get Dill to have the will to make the kill” strategy was a success. As thanks, I'll take off my clothes for you.

Dill: How's that a reason!? More so, where did that original serious and dependable character go? Also those rhymes!!

Leucophyllum: Don't sweat the small stuff. I'm tired of the serious air... The real me is more like this, can you handle it?

Dill: I was just trying to say I was getting tired of you...

Leucophyllum: Anyway! Danchou-kun and Scholar-san look uninjured, so we can inspect this crystal, right? It's still cold for some reason, so let's get this over with quickly.

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Those pests. They were all nearly frozen. That, that.

Pest: Buruu....BuruburubuuaAAAAA!!!!

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Ah.

Giant Arrowhead: Gu, uuuu...! Ku-chan, are you alright!?

Threeleaf Arrowhead: B-big sis!?

Giant Arrowhead: Run away as soon as it's safe to do so! I can't defend well with my weapon, so while you can, get...

Threeleaf Arrowhead: B-but...

Giant Arrowhead: It's fine, so hurry! Your sister isn't as strong as Adenium-san after all!!

Pest: BuruuuaaaaAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Dill: Leucophyllum-san!

Leucophyllum: Understood! I'm coming...

???: Haaaa!!!!

Pest: Bu...Burururuuuu...

Adenium: ...You're not dead, well this time.

Giant Arrowhead: Ah, Adenium-san...!

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Adenium-sama.

Leucophyllum: Are you the legendary Adenium-san? Thanks, you really saved us. Looking back, it was a bit too soon for us to let our guards down.

Dill: I'm really grateful... But, how did you know of this place?

Adenium: I followed the tracks of people that passed by. If there weren't any, I wouldn't have found this place.

So... What are you guys doing here? Danchou's also here, so it can't just be that you got lost.

...I see. Well, this looks exactly like what I was looking for.

Scholar: D-do you know something about it?

Adenium: “It's just a rare crystal”. It's not popular because of it's poor appearance and dull shine, it's not useful because of the material and difficulty in processing it, and it doesn't have any special powers...It's just that kind of thing.

A long time ago, there was some talk about it because of it's rarity, but soon, nobody ever saw it again. According to the information I gathered from Winter Rose's crystal-smiths, that's about it.

Dill: I see... The traps and gimmicks leading here were made by ingenious quarrymen to keep thieves away...

And so the ancient texts that Scholar-san has is actually coded memos or cyphertext designed by the thieves to tell each other how to sneak in. That's what I think.

Adenium: They would have been quick to abandon this place once they found out it was useless. It's understandable that they didn't pass the knowledge down.

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Why is Adenium-sama searching for this?

Adenium: ...I'm sorry, but I can't talk about it. It's a secret investigation mission, so I'd like you to keep the fact that we met a secret. Can I trust you?

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Ooh...! I-I understand, I'll keep it a secret.

Scholar: ...Fu.

Dill: Ah... S-sorry! What should I say, umm, I'm sure you have a lot to think about...!

Scholar: No, it's fine. I'm a little disappointed, but I'm content. Somehow my body feels really light and I can go anywhere now.

Dill: Scholar-san...

Scholar: Once again, thank you everyone. Everyone needs a survey report, right? I don't need these ancient texts any more, so if you'd like, please take them with you...

Danchou: If you can go anywhere, let's go and proudly report in.

Scholar: Eh? Report? Me? To whom...?

Leucophyllum: …Aah, I see. So that was the case.

Dill: You're sharp, Danchou. Actually, Dill-san also feels the same way.

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Huh? What, what, what are you talking about?

--The next day, Winter Rose, Town centre--

Reporter: Everyone, welcome back! I'm so happy to see you safe! As expected from Flower Knights!

...Eh? What's up, Danchou-san? There's someone who wants to meet me? They want to report to me, you don't mean...

Scholar: U-mmm...I-it's been a while.

Reporter: Eh!? B-big sister!?

Scholar: I'm sorry I've kept you waiting for all this time... I've received so many letters from you, but I've never been able to write a reply...

Reporter: N-not at all! Big Sister's done nothing wrong! I've been so stuck in my own head that I've never been able to consider your feelings...

I've been wanting to go to the village for a while, but I didn't want to bother you by breaking our promise halfway and making you angry, o-or maybe hate me...

Scholar: Well, it's all fine now. It's a little late, but I finally managed to keep our promise.

It wasn't a huge discovery, but... Would you listen to my research results?

Reporter: …! Yeah, of course!

Dill: ...I thought so. Reporter-san and Scholar-san were the separated sisters.

Leucophyllum: Helping her sister's investigation and helping with her research, all in order to keep their promise... That's probably the main reason she requested our help.

Dill: The reason she exaggerated her sister's research to be that of “The Sage Dyne's Hidden Ruins” is to get Dill-san and the others interested.

Leucophyllum: Aah, that was a good front. But, it was good fun. Also, we got to see those sisters smiles.

Giant Arrowhead: Yeah yeah, I'm glad♪ We managed to get the sisters reunited, and show the older sister what she wanted!

Compared to that...haa. I was completely useless this time. I wanted to save her and look cool doing so, but actually Adenium-san...

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Big Sis Giant Arrowhead, you were super cool. I wasn't able to say it, but thanks.

Giant Arrowhead: ...Eh?

Threeleaf Arrowhead: You protected Ku's back and risked your life... Your heart was overflowing with justice, and Ku's felt it all the way down to her numb soul...

Because of that, from now on, Big Sis Giant Arrowhead will always be a hero in Ku's eyes. Woo woo.

Giant Arrowhead: Ku...Ku-chaaaan!!

Threeleaf Arrowhead: Bweh. That was a tighter hug than usual. A big old bear hug.

Dill: Ahaha. What are you up to, really?

Leucophyllum: That's right. If we want to deepened our sisterly bonds, we should take off our clothes...

Dill: That's not what I meant!!

The secret that sleeps in the Silver Cave is the silent remnants of a now obsolete fashion. The truth that was revealed wasn't the desired one, but a truth that has allowed a once frozen time to move once again. Just like melting an icecap, the sun was beginning it's ascent.

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