• I know I've been prohibited from asking questions here, but allow me to actually ask this one time.

    The news about flash will stop being phased out on 2020 has been announced, so what does the dev says about it? Do they plan to follows kancolle's step or going for a different ones?

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    • First of all, you're not "prohibited". It's just not recommended since posts are rarely checked ESPECIALLY IF YOU POST THEM ON YOUR OWN WALL instead of editor's.

      Second, there's a himeuta thread dedicated to the last stream in which they talked about switching from flash. Check it and ask any questions there.

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    • First of all. Thank you and I'll note that up and stop the questioning again.

      Second, himeuta is a great palace where everyone gathers information. The only place where I keep getting a lot of password reset every time I tried to login since I had to to access all posts. Well, perhaps I don't need to login for fkg thread. But it does still leave a bad taste to my plate due to my own fault. Anyway, thank you!

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