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Extracted Game Data Table

masterCharacterLeaderSkill Table Data

1,名無し,1,3,2,0,0,0,0,0,戦闘中、自身を含む2人の攻撃力が3%上昇,"2014-12-04 00:00:00","2016-02-12 00:00:00",0,
1st Element : Passive Skill ID
2st Element : Short Description (used for Synthesis Materials)
3-6th Element : 1st Passive Ability Effect
7-10th Element : 2nd Passive Ability Effect
*3/7th Element : Ability Effect ID (refer to below)
*4/8th Element : Incremental Boost (Integer, ranging from 1-5)
*5/9th Element : Effect Range (Integer, ranging from 1-5)
*6/10th Element: Percentage Boost (Integer, before percentage division)
11th Element : Ability Description

List of Ability Effect ID

1	Increases party ATK
2	Increases party ATK (Affection)
3	Increases party ATK (Boss)
5	Increases party ATK (Full Light Gauge)
6	Increases party ATK (Skill LV)
8	Increases skill damage
101	Increase party DEF and shield mitigation 
201	Movement speed increase
301	Increases party ATK (Specific Turn)
302	Increases party ATK (Delayed Turn)
401	Shine Crystal drop increase
501	Solar Drive
602	Reduce movement pest damage
701	Increases party ATK (Raid Boss)
801	Fill Light Gauge at starting point
901	Increase recovery panel effect
902	Restore HP from pest nest panel
903	Extra cannon bombardment
904	Increase ATK from pest nest panel
1002	Nullify panel effect
1101	Increases skill trigger (Specific Turn)
1102	Increases skill trigger (Affection)
1201	Counterattack
1202	Dodge (fixed)
1203	Reduce enemy accuracy
1204	1-time Damage Negation
1205	Extra Attribute (attack type)
1206	Dodge (variable)
1301	Add HP restore panel
1302	Add Shine Crystal panel
1401	Increases ATK (Skill Trigger)
1501	Increases ATK (Solar Drive Trigger)
1701	Increase critical rate
1702	Increase critical damage
1801	Reduce enemy ATK
1803	Reduce enemy skill trigger
1901	HP Regeneration
2001	Extra Turn
2002	Extra Turn (Specific Turn)
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