This is an ongoing todo list.

This list is no longer maintained. The current todo list is in the Wikia Discord linked from the top navigation bar.


  • Add Home Screen (My Page) page.
  • Add Pests page with Insect Picture Book as a subsection.
  • Reorganizing upper navigation bar? See #Navigation Bar.
    • Special Missions button links to the wrong thing.
  • Reorganize Front Page?
    • Special Missions button links to the wrong thing.
  • Make table for flower knights with matching skills have centered icons.
  • Improve Wiki's FAQ contents? I want a note about exceeding garage size somewhere in the Wiki.
  • Help with Seasonal/Tanabata 2016 audio quotes uploading.
  • Improve Equipment page.
    • Rename Okitaeeru in Equipment page.
    • Add Whaleship stuff to Equipment page.
    • Organize Equipment page contents.
    • Write about high level gacha seeds.
    • Write about EX equipment.
    • Split into Equipment Synthesis page. (Done)
    • Write about 2nd Personal Equipments; also add note in Character Quests.
  • Improve Raid Boss page.
    • Add tiers and pictures for them.
    • Add strategies (debuff teams, only using one RP).
    • Mention Tanemochi.
    • Talk about team sharing.
  • Improve Mission page.
    • Add short blurb about the difference between each mission type.
  • Improve Shop page.
    • Add images for Shop currencies. (Re-reseal Stone is all I need!)
    • Separate Clearance House and Shop pages. Done. See: Wares.
    • Add efficiency charts for Bonds Crystal Wares.
    • Move Currency section to Item page.
    • Add list of suggested buys.
    • Make image key for the Shop front page layout.
    • Add image key (HTML image map?) for Shop tab layout. (I decided to use a list. Works nice enough?)
  • Improve Office page.
    • Add Items section to Office.
    • Add Survey section to Office.
    • Add numbered guide to Office's front page.
    • Add recipes for Refinement: High level Forge Spirits.
    • Write about how to get serial codes from novels.
  • Get programmatic uploading of images to the Wiki working.
  • Overhaul Character Management page.
    • Put filters and sort options into their own Wiki page. (Idea scratched).
    • Write more specifics about the Storage.
    • Write about the Equipment Verification page. Put on a separate page!
    • Write about Move-At-Once button.
    • Update filter options.
  • Update Garden.
  • Add sort options for friends list.
  • How to read login times in friends list.
  • Create image maps for navigating the in-game screens?
  • User blog:CodeHK/Plans to Adopt Lua: Update graph.
  • Remove Template:AbilityText and Template:NewAbilityText.
  • Event page updates:


  • Premium Gacha page for up-to-date promotional and premium gachas.
  • Make Campaign page to note things like login bonuses, gold up campaigns, etc.
  • Reevaluate content and order of separate event pages. (Event pages link to Events at the top of each page, so in some respects navigation is not so bad.)
  • Add Options menu contents in the Wiki somewhere. Probably in the Home Screen page.
  • Make Options page be split into two halves like the in-game one.
  • Add Subjugation/Combat page.
  • Add Panel types to Subjugation page.
  • Add more info for Ultimate Missions.
  • Add subsection in Special Missions page for Skill Clean-Sweep Military Strategy standing mission.
  • Fill in table for flower knights with matching skills.
  • Improve CharacterPage template a little? (Amendment: LostLogia was working on a replacement)
  • Update Character Quest requirements as per changes in the most recent update.
  • Fix that nagging link formatting and bunch of tables in event 36.
  • Add picture of Character Quest location.
  • Put Character Quest section in Special Missions page to avoid confusion.
  • Stage efficiency template for all of featured, reprint, and re-reprint stages (that have data in common).
  • Add methodology for making Whaleship sets.
  • Add Interface Category to some pages.
  • Make blog post describing my editing techniques and ideologies? See Editing Strategies and Tools.
  • Watch events with the blue fairy girl and something-Kaede to get more background info.
  • Work on Ability Lookup page? By creating Template:AbilityText, I've done what I wanted for helping there.
  • Rename Quests to Quest.
  • Rename Tree of a Thousand Stars page.

Layout Changes

Split Equipment Synthesis from the Equipment page. Then we can have a layout like so.

  • Synthesis
  • Equipment
    • Equipment Synthesis
  • Character Management
    • Character Synthesis
    • Evolution/Blooming Synthesis
  • Office
    • Refining

Backend Work



  • Add the family (genus) to the "char module" output. Hint: masterCharacter[2] = masterCharacterCategory[0]
  • Fill in EquipmentEntry.
  • Add equipment IDs to "char module" output.
  • Make a Character Template -> Character Module converter.
  • Test NazunaBot with uploading/editing.
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