Lists done out of boredom.

Missing Blooms

Event 11 Pink
Event 23 Christmas Rose
Event 24 Ornamental Kale
Event 25 Herbaceous PeonyTree Peony
Event 26 PoppyRain Lily
Event 27 Ranunculus
Event 28 Tall StewartiaHimalayan Creeping SaxifragePrimula
Event 29 Delphinium
Event 32 Liriope
Event 33 Tatarian Aster
Event 34 HollyhockGreen BellAllium
Event 36 Royal Water Lily (June Bride)
Event 37 Tree of a Thousand Stars
Event 38 Epidendrum (Swimsuit)
Event 42 Pink (World's Flower Shrine Maiden)
Event 51 Beefsteak Geranium
Event 55 FreesiaMauritiana
Event 62 Bouvardia
Event 65 Japanese Quince
Event 71 Japanese Barberry
Event 73 Baby Blue EyesAzaleaAzalea (Newcomer)
Event 79 Snapdragon (Valentine)
Event 80 Moss Phlox
Event 88 Cherry (June Bride)
Event 91 Comet Orchid
Event 92 Ceanothus
Event 93 AbeliaViolet Cress
Event 94 GooseberryPurple ColumbineLithopsElm
Event 95 GourdZebrinaWalnutBarley

All girls from event 94 and onward don't have blooms.

Missing RGs

Event 35 Creeping SmartweedLady's Sorrel
Event 37 German Iris (Tanabata)
Event 40 Japanese Apricot (Yukata)
Event 41 Chinese LanternSkunk Vine
Event 43 Thoroughwort
Event 44 StrelitziaAcanthus
Event 45 FireweedWax TreeFullmoon Maple
Event 46 Devil in a BushButterfly Bush
Event 47 PineappleKiwi FruitMikan
Event 48 Wax Vine (Christmas)Maple (Christmas)Lamb's Ear
Event 49 Christmas BegoniaSkimmia
Event 50 False DaphneLady's Sorrel (New Year)Olive
Event 51 Beefsteak GeraniumWater DropwortChickweed
Event 52 Lycaste
Event 53 Asian Bleeding Heart
Event 54 Lamium
Event 55 Mauritiana
Event 56 IxoraFirethornCurry Plant
Event 57 Elder Flower
Event 58 Poached Egg PlantBalloon Vine (Easter)Manettia
Event 59 Tassel FlowerGreen Bristlegrass (Flower Festival)Sweet William
Event 60 ConeflowerSoft Windflower
Event 61 Creeping JennyMoney TreeSweet William Catchfly
Event 62 YomenaBouvardia
Event 63 CalendulaLucky BambooPenstemon
Event 64 False Hydrangea
Event 65 WatercressFennelJapanese Quince
Event 66 Coral FlowerHeliotrope (Yukata)Echeveria
Event 67 Bleeding HeartCowslipLobelia
Event 68 Water Hyssop
Event 69 Mint (Maturing Virtue)Egyptian Water Lily (Maturing Conspirator)Great Burnet (Maturing Strategist)
Event 70 Hop (Hotspring Yukata)Echinacea (Hotspring Yukata)Radish
Event 71 LarkspurJapanese Barberry
Event 72 Worm WoodDragon Fruit (Halloween)Native Bryony
Event 73 Azalea (Newcomer)TurnipBaby Blue EyesSkullcap
Event 74 Ghost Weed (Christmas)Evergreen Candytuft (Christmas)Billy Buttons
Event 75 Flamingo Plant (Christmas)Japanese Glory Bower
Event 76 Formosan CherryChocolate Lily (New Year)Chinese Quince
Event 77 PeperomiaLion's EarViburnum
Event 78 CloverGajumaruColeus
Event 79 Snapdragon (Valentine)Aloe (Valentine)Asian Rice
Event 80 Moss PhloxLemonLacquer Tree
Event 81 Flat Sea HollyWinter CosmosPea
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