Flower Knight Girl Wikia
Flower Knight Girl Wikia

There's a ton of things to update each week when maintenance ends and game contents change. This is a comprehensive guide to all the things involved in updating the Wikia.

Automatically Updated

These pages are automatically updated with the Wikia bot. These are (ideally) labeled with Category:Automatically updated modules.

To update these pages, do the following.

  1. Install Python 3.X
  2. Install pywikibot installed.
  3. Download the FKG processing scripts.
  4. Open your browser's network tools any time before you click on FKG's Press Start screen.
  5. Download getMaster using the network timeline.
  6. Run the update_lists.py. If pywikibot is configured correctly, it should update the modules listed in #Automatically Updated. This step requires admin privileges on this Wikia.

Manually Updated

Character Names

Update Module:CharacterNames. Add any new characters to the list. The Japanese name needs to use half-width characters for parenthesis like エーデルワイス(新春) but not エーデルワイス新春. The English name needs to be put into the main field for the Wikia to function at a bare minimum; all other name fields are optional.

Front Page

Update Flower Knight Girl Wikia. Only an admin can edit this.

Prerequisite: Update Module:CharacterNames.

Current Event

Banner event 0082.jpg

Update Current Event. It's data needs to be put into Module:Event/Data and a new page must be made for the particular event.

  • Add a new entry to the end of Module:Event/Data by copy-pasting the commented-out template at the top of that page.
  • Change the redirect for Current Event.
  • Create the new event's page based on its English title. Some of it is manual copy-pasting from Event Boilerplate. Use a smart text editor like Scribes 2 to replace all the text of variables on a page. Some of the page will be generated from templates and Lua.
  • Upload screenshots following naming conventions.

Older Events

  • Update Module:Event/Data so that reprint and rereprint have the correct event numbers.
  • Update the individual events to have the correct reprint or re-reprint dates. The format will look something like this. (Note: In the future, I would like the date format to be like "1 Jun 2019" instead of the American style used here. For now, stick with d/m/yyyy).
periods = {
    featured={'1/30/2015', '2/13/2015'},
    reprint={'8/6/2015', '8/19/2015'},
  • If it differs from the standard, also add the currency rates for the stages. Modern events should not need this override. The format would look like this.

stages = {e1 = {jp="滅びの都市へ", en="", chestCurrency=nil, cost=12, exp=132, chests1="2 Random (2★ Knight or 1% Gift)", chests2="(Seal Stones x16) x2", chests3="(Re-Seal Stones x16) x2",},

The events are organized into Module:Event/Data/001-050, Module:Event/Data/051-100, Module:Event/Data/101-150, etc.


Shop matsu.jpg

Update Wares. It is mainly done by look-and-check. The majority of this page is hand-written or generated by Module:Wares using Module:Wares/Data.

Premium Gacha

3k gacha kodaibana.jpg

Premium Gacha. Use Template:WaifuList to list out featured or available characters. Everything else is hand-written.


Update Module:Artists/Data.

Adding New Abilities

If a new ability type is added to the game, an error message will be displayed on the Wikia. Use its output to edit Module:Ability/Data. The ability icon needs to be manually assigned. Here is a list of ability icons.

Ability icon01.png Ability icon02.png Ability icon03.png Ability icon04.png Ability icon05.png Ability icon06.png Ability icon07.png Ability icon08.png Ability icon09.png Ability icon10.png Ability icon11.png Ability icon12 1.png Ability icon13.png Ability icon14.png Ability icon15.png Ability icon16.png Ability icon17.png Ability icon18.png Ability icon19.png Ability icon20.png Ability icon21.png Ability icon22.png Ability icon23.png Ability icon24.png Ability icon25.png Ability icon26.png Ability icon27.png Ability icon28.png Ability icon29.png Ability icon30.png Ability icon31.png Ability icon32.png Ability icon33.png Ability icon34.png Ability icon35.png Ability icon36.png Ability icon37.png Ability icon38.png Ability icon39.png Ability icon40.png Ability icon43.png Ability icon46.png Ability icon47.png Ability icon49.png Ability icon50.png Ability icon51.png Ability icon52.png Ability icon53.png Ability icon54.png Ability_icon55.png Ability icon53090002.png

Updating Abilities

Sometimes abilities get changed and the Wikia's Lua scripts that automatically translate the abilities don't match up with some new character's effects. There's no simple process to this.

  1. Look into the master data for the character with the wrong ability info. Jot down her bundled ability IDs.
  2. Look into the bundled ability list for those ability IDs. Pay attention to the IDs and val0 to val3 inside those bundled IDs.
  3. Go to the base ability list and make sure the vals are being properly used for whatever base ability ID they are assigned to. For example, lots of vals are unused and later end up having a purpose.

Adding New Sprites

See How to extract animations from SDs.


For editing how-tos and suggestions, see User_blog:CodeHK/Editing_Strategies_and_Tools. For anything else, ask at the Wikia Discord server or at Himeuta's FKG subforum. Do not ask in Wikia comments or the Wikia forum because they're not checked.