Winter Rose

Winter Rose located at the north east of Spring Garden and is bordered by Blossom Hill on the south and Lily Wood on the west. City-state that has been guarded the city center of the world flower to the barrier. White woods and vast frozen lake, such as the ruins of natural crystal is scattered, beautiful snow scene is also often attract attention as a tourist spot. On the other hand, they are also a testament to the harsh natural environment, heavy snowfall is waiting once you step outside from the city. People patiently to live under such circumstances, is also called a bigot in a sense, there is a strength of character even in the flower knight, who is often the one-track mind personality. Queen of this country is a romanticist wrapped in a fantastic atmosphere, because of the dream of the people of eliminating the threat of the pest, which went to the front itself becomes the flower knight.

Known Events

Known Locations

  • World Flower "Winter Rose" (世界花「ウィンターローズ」): World Flower "Winter Rose" is a giant rose bush that grows around the castle where the Queen resides. The World Flower produce a protective barrier that surround the city to protect it's residents from harsh cold environment and other potential threats.
  • Closed Mansion (閉ざされたお屋敷)
  • Nidhogg Snow Field (ナイドホグル雪原)
  • Fuva Freezing Lake (フヴァの氷結湖)
  • Moz Forest District (モズ森林区)
  • Sacred Mountain (霊峰)
  • Dain Historic Ruins (ダインの遺跡)
  • Sealed Huge Ice Ridge (封印大氷壁)
  • Gurido White Ravine (グリドの白き深淵)
  • Etu Temple (エトゥ神殿)
  • Fiyuri River(フィユル川)
  • A town not on the map (地図にない町)

Flower Knights

Royal Court



Cattleya's Mansion

Flower Knights' Instructor



  • Winter Rose is based on Winter season.
  • Most rose bushes usually blooms during winter.

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